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Writer’s and people’s make-ups are one thing, but when real scary stories that take place in one’s life are quite another matter. Here you can find real life scary stories of people who decided to share their fears with you. Probably, everyone learnt to their own cost what doest it mean to face the paranormal. This blood curdling feeling of someone’s presence can make one crazy, but what if that someone comes in contact with you? How not to take leave of your senses? Scary stories in real life collected on our website will tell you about it. Just once in our life we faced something scary, something unexplainable, something terrible… We are taught that monsters do not exist, vampires are invented by Bram Stocker, and corpses are walking only in American serials. Nothing of the sort! They are constantly near us. Read real scary ghost stories and you’ll believe it for sure! Undead and other evil spirits are inextricably connected with the world of the living. These are people who feed them. The living people feed malicious spirits with their vital power, ghosts with their emotions, vampires with their blood and zombies with their flesh as you may know. An idea suggests itself… what if our community is nothing but farm for those entities? So, stop to imagine yourself as if you’re an Ens Supremum and be ready. Close your doors and windows and immediately read real life scary stories on our website. Here you see true scary stories to tell that put fear in your heart.

Real life scary stories

Puzzling, mystical coincidences and incidents in our lives
In the United States, in the beginning of the 20th century, a hurricane came over the city of Galveston. Streams of water demolished almost the entire
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What to do if you were buried alive in a coffin
Survival instructions 1. Do not waste oxygen. In a classic coffin there is about an hour’s worth of air supply, maximum two. Inhale deeply, exhale sl
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Victim’s Philosophy
Do you know why we are afraid of the dark? Why we are scared to fall asleep with the light switched off? And for what reason we fairly often look back
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Behind Closed Doors
I was adopted. I have never seen my birth mother, more truly, I had been living with her, but I was so little to remember her. I loved my adoptive fam
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A new kid
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”I congratulate you with the beginning of new school year and want to introduce your new classmate. I hope you’ll help her to find feet in new school.
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A woman flattened herself against the wall. Her eyes popped out with fear. She was entreatingly looking at him.  “Don’t kill! Let me go!” 
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A phone call
I got a new job and had to look for an apartment closer to my new office so that I didn’t have to spend an hour to get to work every day. I quickly fo
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7 sinister urban legends
1. Device for self-beheading A man beheaded himself using pretty tricky device specifically developed for this purpose. Sounds like the veriest non
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A Gift of Mother-in-Law
This mystic story I heard from mother of my friend Kate, when we were sitting at her kitchen and complaining to each other of mothers-in-law. Everyone
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He swore on his kids’ lives
When I got married to my husband, I was a young and foolish girl. It seemed to me that my husband will always be the same cheerful, kind and loving pe
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