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Spooky stories for kids

Hello there! Seek for something really scary? You’re on the right spot! Here you can find scary short stories for kids, which you’ll remember till the cows come home. Specially for such brave readers as you we amassed a collection of true scary stories for kids. Here you’ll met howling ghosts, blood lusting vampires, roaring hungry zombies, the walking dead, haunted houses, and many other curious and frightening creatures, things, and events. You’re a footstep away of scary short stories for kids. They’ll choke off your naughtiness and make your blood curdle! Did parents tell you that monsters and werewolves do not exist? Not exactly. Puzzle it out reading scary ghost stories for kids. Bet, you’ll come to quite different decision. Scary campfire stories for kids consternates making you shiver with fear. Remember, our ideas are material things. Once you start to read scary stories for teens, all bogeys and fearsome apparitions will howl and knock at your windows and doors, however, some of them is not so tactful, these can appear right behind you back or creep under your bed and attack you when you’ll be asleep. Unfortunately, no one can fence of the paranormal, it appears in people’s life over and over again. The true scary stories for kids are told by witnesses of terrible spooky events and represented below. If you haven’t cold feet yet, you should choose one scary story for kids and read it right now!

Scary stories for kids

Windows in the Bathroom
I live in an old three-room flat on the skirts of Chicago. About forty years it stays without repair, wallpapers are peeled off, plaster crumbles, and
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A year ago when we went to visit my grandmother, we took our cat. It has not been neutered and constantly went out. An hour before our departure, my g
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A Vanishing Boy
My grandma told me this story. Some family lived in her village. There strange things happened over and over again. They had a little boy, and, all of
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A Prank
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Our daughter used to pull our legs. Her pranks were chilling to the bone. One day she stayed in the bathroom for 4 hours and played the role of a drow
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Read me! It affects you personally!
Hey, do no think that it was a nut who posted it. There’s a message, just read it.   Look, many people take interest in time travel, don’t they?
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Behind the door
One 13-year-old girl lived alone with her father. Her mother died four months ago, and her father moved to a new house. The girl missed the old house,
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Digital camera
One of my kinswomen died suddenly. I have never seen her. She had four years-old daughter called Yuki. Girl’s father couldn’t rear her alone and asked
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Hide-and-Seek Alone

You’ll need:  

- A doll with legs. (A doll represents a spirit, which will settle in it. Not recommended to use the person’s doll as a spirit may stay in it). 

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How to Summon a "Queen of Spades"
There are some, figuratively speaking, “things”, which don’t go out of date and proceed to exist from one generation to another. Each of us was a chil
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Hashima: a Ghost-Island
There was a time when Hashima island, situated in the East China Sea in approximately 15 kilometers from Nagasaki-city, considered to be the most heav
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