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I am guessing you don't realize I am in your room. Oh wait, does it bother you? Because I cant leave. I am as trapped as you are. Refusing to lift your covers up off of your body, refusing to stand up on your floor because you cant exactly see whats behind you. Or if its... behind you. I am stuck in this treacherous world with only one question.

Can I have YOU?

Can you feel that soft whisper in your ear? Feel it, not hear it. Because if you herd it, it would blow your ear drums out. Its my scream. As you lie awake but still in your bed, almost as if you are paralyzed, I am watching. From the shadows and cracks of your room. Or the empty holes no matter how small. There is this certain physique about your room that just makes me want to crawl, up the walls. I can see you in my dreams but you can only see me in your nightmares, it makes me happy but you look like you want to vomit. Its day now.

Can I have YOU?

I will never forget the day I had touched your arm and all you did was lie there. Still, uncomfortable, terrified, and... oblivious. As to what can and will happen next. And that is when you're down for the count.

I win.

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Comments: 21
#3 Brooklynn 2015-01-22 19:09
this story is just so weird, but yet so true. Sometimes I do have a feeling that I'm being watch by something in my room. And that's why I sleep with two thick blankets
Comments: 6
#2 Poopsie 2014-10-08 05:10
So weird! Kind of scary.... BOO! :uuu
Comments: 2
#1 name 2014-10-07 04:29
:uuu Theses. Girls are :ttt :i: :scr:

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