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This story happened in one fairly poor family. It consisted of a mother, father, their 16-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter. They had enough money to pay for the apartment rent, electricity, etc. But after that they were left with only 50 dollars.  

One day, the girl’s hand started hurting. The girl knew that the family was in a difficult situation and in order not to spend money on a doctor – she did not tell anyone. But 2 weeks later the hand ached so badly that the girl had to tell her parents. They went to the doctor. The doctor said that the girl had blood poisoning. There were 2 options: to spend lots of money on surgery or amputate her arm for a small amount of money. But the decision had to be made now. Girl understood everything perfectly and agreed to the amputation. Her parents reassured her, and the girl was not so scared. Her arm was amputated.  

The girl felt unusual, strange without her hand and she also felt sad. So her parents decided to have a little celebration to cheer up their daughter. They called relatives, friends, and acquaintances and watched a comedy movie together for 4 hours. The mother of the girl in the middle of the movie had to go to the bathroom, but since there were a lot of people they didn’t pause the movie. Her mom left and no one noticed that she did not come back - the comedy was very funny, and interesting. 

When guests left, her dad remembered that his wife has never come back from the bathroom. He knocked on the door - there was no answer. For half an hour they tried calling for her – it did not work. So dad and his brother decided to break down the door. When the obstacle was removed in front of them on the toilet sat the girl’s mother, without her eyes and completely mutilated. Everyone got very scared. Dad decided to call investigators. They examined the bathroom: inside the bathroom there was a tub, a toilet, a washing machine, a small vent, etc. etc. They did not find an explanation for this incident and were forced to close the case. Mother was buried.  

The next morning, when dad woke up he first didn’t remember what had happened and went to the bathroom. Children were very concerned when their father did not come out for half an hour. His brother again broke down the door. Dad was sitting there with no eyes and also mutilated. The kids were in shock. His brother decided to call investigators again. They looked again, looked everywhere, and found nothing. The kids were supposed to be sent to an orphanage the next day and the investigators would come back to interview them again.  

On the same evening the girl asked her older brother to go to the bathroom with her, but she asked him to turn away because she was afraid. But the brother and a sister didn’t have a good relationship, so her brother just laughed at her and decided to hang a camcorder in the bathroom to record how the girl was “taking care of her business” so that he could show it to his future classmates at the orphanage in order to win the respect. Brother quietly hung the camera behind the towels and a girl, not closing the door with a key, sat on the toilet. Ten minutes later her brother came and without even looking at his sister took a video camera. 

The next day the investigators came and the representatives from the orphanage. The girl was found dead in the bathroom. They looked and looked for her brother, but couldn’t find him. But when everyone was about to leave, one investigator heard some sounds coming from the wardrobe. He cautiously opened the wardrobe door and saw the brother of the girl with a video camera in his hands, all trembling with fear. He told them to watch the video. What they saw shocked them. 

At first they could see how the brother hangs the camera with a sly smile and runs away. Next in the frame appears our one-armed girl and sits down on the toilet. She sits there shivering for 1 minute. Then you can see how the lid of the vent opens up and out crawls ... the amputated arm of the girl with a sickle. It quietly creeps up to the girl and kills her with cruelty. Then the hand goes back to where it came from. Then comes in the brother and takes the camcorder. The video ends.  

The brother was taken to the orphanage, and the case was closed. Then they found other bodies in other bathrooms, but investigators refused taking up those cases. And an arm with a sickle is still cutting people up in bathrooms…  


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julie barnett
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#2 julie barnett 2014-10-03 15:12
:eek: what the HELL!!!! and on so many levels too. 1 he took video of HIS LITTEL SISTER GOING TO THE BATHROOM to show to some pervy guys he was bound to meet, and 2 it makes absolutly no sense at ALL!!! :shock:
Comments: 10
#1 bob 2014-09-29 12:59
so gay :-| :-* :-* :-* :zzz :zzz

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