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Child’s dream

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At that time I was not more than five years old. And it was then when such a mystical story happened to me. Near our house there was a large ravine that workers were gradually whelming. 

Adults strictly forbade us to go there, because the drivers might not notice us and whelm with sand. But forbidden fruit is sweet! All the kids in our district strove to wander around there and dreamed of playing in the sand fill. 

I had a dream which turned to be prophetic. I saw a doll in the ravine, which lay in a beautiful big box. It was a very happy moment in my child's life. 

baby in box

Inspired by my dream, I persuaded one boy whom I knew to go down with me into this ravine. We did our best dodging from the sand that workers kept throwing into the pit. Johnny and I climbed down to the bottom and found a dirty box. Then we quickly got out and ran away from the ill-fated place, opened the box and saw a little baby there who woke up and began to cry heavily. Holding the baby we ran to a police officer and told him everything. About my prophetic dream, about the ravine, about our finding. Chubby little boy got Johnny’s last name – Collins. And I got a doll as a reward. It was in a beautiful box and looked just like the one from my dream! 

Did I save this child’s life? Where is he, who is he now? ... I don’t even know his name. But I experienced it myself: there are prophetic dreams, listen to yourself, dream and believe like children do, naively and purely. 

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Comments: 15
#3 skyler 2016-12-16 18:51
iv had a dream like that just it was about who to avoid in school long story short i didnt avoid them and got the crap beat out of me !!!
Morgan Freeman
Comments: 15
#2 Morgan Freeman 2015-01-20 13:10
Whoever wrote this story has won both the internet, and my Upmost Respect. :lol:
Comments: 3
#1 aaliyah 2014-08-27 08:59
:lol: coooool

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