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An abandoned hospital incident

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There is an unfinished hospital in Kashira, about which people tell a lot of rumors, usually, not the most pleasant ones. There were two friends who enjoyed exploring abandoned buildings and basements very much and so on. 

One of them told me a terrible story that happened to them in the hospital. He was from Moscow, and his friend Vyacheslav lived and worked in Kashira. He had a family, and soon-to-be-born child. Once they got in touch and decided to go explore the mystical hospital building. 

Andrew told me that Vyacheslav excitedly took up this idea, he wasin general a very risky man. He talked about the hospital with such enthusiasm that Andrew agreed without a moment's hesitation. The hospital has a basement, unfinished morgue, plus there was a terrible legend about a werewolf who killed everyone who came there. 

Like real diggers they hit the road just after dark. According to Andrew’s stories, they got to the hospital at night. The sight was frightening. The hospital was the only building in the area, and it looked abandoned and intimidating. 

abandoned hospital

The friends decided to start with walking around the building. They found the main entrance and several emergency exits in different wings of the hospital. They realized that they weren’t the first to come to this building. Apparently, youngsters would meet or hang out here every day. 

They decided to start from the roof. They climbed on it from the second floor. From there, the hospital seemed to be much bigger. They surveyed the entire roof, but didn’t find anything interesting. Broken and empty bottles, cigarette butts were everywhere. Apparently, the local youth didn’t shun this place. 

Before going downstairs, Vyacheslav decided to smoke and lit a cigarette. While they were talking, a very strange thing happened. They saw someone running out of the morgue and towards the hospital. They couldn’t see in the dark who was it, but they saw that he got into the adjacent wing. Andrew was downright frightened, but he told me that Vyacheslav didn’t like to give up so quickly, so he decided to find out who it was. Their basic version at that time was that it was an amateur who was scared to look at the bodies and he decided to run away. Later Andrew analyzed the situation and realized that a man afraid of looking at a corpse wouldn’t run in the direction of an abandoned hospital, he would rather run away from the territory. 

Andrew didn’t leave his friend alone, and they went in search of a mysterious man. They spent half an hour in fruitless search. Thereafter Vyacheslav offered to look for a man for another half an hour separately, and then meet in the same place . 

Andrew went down to the first floo, and then in the basement, but there was nothing suspicious in the building. The walls were spray-painted, there was garbage and broken glass everywhere, but there was no man. Half an hour later he was waiting for his friend where they had agreed to meet. Minutes passed but Vyacheslav didn’t come. Andrew started to get worried and decided to go look for his friend. 

Suddenly shots went off in silence and screams could be heard. Apparently, Vyacheslav was the one to shoot, he took a gun with him. Andrew says that shriek definitely belonged to Vyacheslav, but the other one didn’t sound like anything human. Andrew suddenly witnessed something dragging dead or stunned Vyacheslav to the morgue. Andrew immediately ran towards the town. It seemed to him that he had never ran faster. 

Running out of the unfinished hospital territory, he got into his car and drove to the first residential home. Calling the first apartment on the intercom, he asked to call the police. The residents turned out to be understanding and let him in. From there, he called the police and told them everything. First of all, he said that their employee was gone, because at that time Vyacheslav worked as a field agent. The search began immediately. When the task force started examining the hospital premises, the first thing they went to was the morgue. There they found the dismembered bodies of men, not far from there Vyacheslav was found, and beside him - a man who had cut his wrists. The investigation found out that it was the morgue caretaker. He turned out to be mad. It was him who had dismembered corpses, but it’s unknown why he had cut his wrists. That's what saved Vyacheslav’s life. The caretaker stunned him with a blunt blow, but the doctors managed to help him. Vyacheslav survived. 

Now he has a son growing up, and he has changed his hobby. 

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