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A Fatally Beautiful

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Yesterday my dad met an old friend accidentally. They studied at one institute and my dad decided to invite his friend with family be our guests. Today we’ve been awaiting guests since early morning.

I felt uncomfortable from the thought that I’ll have to get acquainted and communicate with someone. My father told that Dumas – that’s the way he called his friend – had a seventeen-year-old daughter, who was a year younger than me. Finally, we heard a door bell ringing. It was about six o’clock in the evening. They seemed quite decent people to us. What about her... She was unequally beautiful! Her golden wavy hair, a lovely round face, modest look – all this made me speechless. Mother invited Dumas and his wife into the hall, and we went into my room. The girl examined the interior with interest.  

- Jason, - I introduced myself shortly.  

- Diana, - she answered me with a smile. – It’s nice here.  

- Thanks, you are also nice, - I blurted out and had nearly closed my mouth with my hand.  

She smiled even more widely. We sat down on a bed. 

- Let’s watch a movie – I suggested.  

- OK. What movie will we watch?  

- And what do you like?  

- I like different ones. I adore movies about love, for example.  

I was a little embarrassed for I had not any in my collection. Luckily I mused to take a tablet and found matching film in Internet. Parents were preparing to their first drinks, judging by the sounds. Well, we will not bore them.  

We set ourselves comfortably on the bed and began watching. I had to redden twice for there were two erotic scenes in the movie. She seemed to notice it, though she gave me passionless smile only. Suddenly the movie stopped playing in the middle. "All right, let it download", - I thought. Something seemed strange to me, however, I could hardly understand what it was. 

- Did you like the movie? – I interested.  

- Frankly speaking, it is quite boring.  

- So, should we watch another one?  

- You know, I have found a more interesting entertainment for us!  

- So what is this? – I asked with a hope.  

At this moment I thought that the parents could hear us if my dreams would be realized. I guessed than that the thing that seemed strange to me was that sounds from the parent location became as though muffled. As if they were sitting not in the neighboring room, but behind a thick concrete wall at a great distance. 

- I am hungry, - she whispered and leaned to my neck.  

I could hardly realize the sense of her thought as she kissed my with passion. It seemed that we kissed for eternity. Some time later I realized that her nails stuck deeply into my neck. I drew her hand aside.  

- Didn’t you like it? – she asked.  

- I’m sorry, you stuck into my neck, - I said feeling guilty and showing traces from her nails. 

She looked at her charming handle, licked blood from her nails, and gave me a thirty-two-teeth smile looking rapaciously at me. God damn her, her canine teeth were sharper than knives! Diana – if it was a real name of this devil creation – bent her body playfully and attacked me again. But there was not space enough to made s full-scale fight in the narrow room. So, I bit my left foot severely by a table leg. It was devilishly painfully, by the way! I even screamed from pain, but none of my parents reacted. It was strange. She tried to attack me with her sharp-razor canine tooth with even bigger rage and I evaded successfully again, jumping towards the door. I pulled the handle, but the door didn't open. It seemed it was made of lead entirely. I had no time enough to make a second attempt. The sharp-clawed hand (damn!) passed in centimeter from my nose after a short swing. Receding, I grabbed the first thing that came to my hand: it was an iron. This creature hissed on me spitefully, but her hissing was stopped by the iron that got into her head and overturned her on the bed. I pulled a door handle once again and rushed to the window after failing. I had only a second to open the window and so – I was flying down from the first floor. I did it for years so the landing was soft. I run away from the house without looking back along the deserted street. 

My only friend Peter lived in the neighborhood. I could hardly explain him anything; I had just pulled him out on the street. All that he succeeded to do was to put gym shoes only. I had explained him what had happened when we were nearly reaching my entrance hall. Peter armed with a stone, which he found not far away, looked at me as if I was mad and agreed to rise at my place. A second later after we had called the doorbell, my mother opened the door. 

- Jason, I didn’t notice you coming out. Why did you leave the girl all alone?  

I looked inside behind her shoulder. Diana was chattering nicely with my father: he asked her something and she answered eagerly.  

- Oh, hello Peter. Come in, please. Dian, my Jason came back with his friend, would you have some fun together? May be you will go for a walk?  

- Yes, it would be nice, - the girl agreed. - So, are you Peter? I am Diana.  

- Nice to meet you, - my friend answered becoming slightly stupid with happiness. 

- Is everything OK, Jason? You look nervous. I can help you to take your pressure off!  

Peter looked at me with envy, and I didn't understand whether it was all right with me or not. Were the last 20 minutes of my life true or not? I began examine her head inconspicuously to see the trace from the iron on her head, but I found nothing. We went towards a grove without sorting out the way. Diana and Peter chattered, but I didn’t listen to them. I was in complete confusion and lost all contact with reality. Though I was ready to fight in case the second attack would follow. I did not notice how I went far ahead, the guys were left behind. A hundred of steps later, I realized that I was walking all alone and looked back. I disliked the scene I saw –Diana was kissing my friend passionately. She noticed my look and hurried to catch me. Peter remained standing with a blissful expression on his face. When the girl run up to me I stiffened internally, but did not show it. Peter sank to the ground slowly with the same face. Five black streams of blood poured from his chest. I looked at Diana with horror and recoiled. Damn, it was just a grove, and there were no any witnesses around! 

- Don’t be afraid, it is not painful! – she promised to me and attached me again.  

My fingers unclenched hardly, throwing a stone, which I dragged with myself all this time for some reason, towards her. It bit her eye, but was not enough. She tumbled me down on the cold earth easily and let her teeth into my shoulder. I really didn't feel pain to my astonishment. On the contrary, the deeply she stuck into me, the more pleasure I felt. I tried to dump her, but all my arms and legs became lead. I lost consciousness. 

I had a dream. It was a very beautiful dream with erotic contents. I came round at sunrise and found myself being in the same grove. It seemed as if my head was bitten strongly. I scratched burning wounds with a clotted blood accurately and hurried home. At home my mom told me that guests left at eleven o’clock, and it was impolite to leave the girl alone. Diana assured her that I spent the night at Peter’s place. Suddenly my mind was struck by an awful thought which forced me to grow cold entirely. There was only one question: what will I tell to Peter’s parents? 

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#3 RBarnett 2017-03-17 19:48
did he die?
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#2 Daisy 2014-06-14 10:36
:uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu
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#1 Igor 2014-05-23 18:45
He should surprise this Babe and offer her eating people together. :uuu And they would live a long and happy life together. 8)

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