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Daddy Said Never

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When I was three we lived in a huge house, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, two huge living rooms and an attic that was so big it was seperated into two parts. Three of the six bedrooms were locked, I don't know why, but now I am older I think I can guess.

One part of the attic had a huge TV but the other half was (ofcourse) locked, I was watching a movie when I heard a puppy noise from the other side of the attic. I had always wanted a puppy, so I got a chair and some books and stacked them so I could reach the key cupboard. I grabbed a few and tried forcing them in the locks how I had seen my father do when he went in his study. I tried twisting but it didn't work, so I tried a few more and I finally opened it. I was very excited, I couldn't wait for my puppy. I walked in and I heard footsteps on the stairs and my father suddenly yanked me out of the room. He shouted at me "I TOLD YOU NEVER TO GO IN THERE!" I hadn't been shouted at before, so I was scared and I cried, so he gave me a cookie, it was chocolate, my favourite so I forgot to ask why the boy in the attack was making puppy noises, or why he had no skin on his face.

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The Masked Angel
Comments: 7
#6 The Masked Angel 2015-04-29 18:32
im still a a kid and all and iv lived in a few haunted houses and they all have ben haunted my kids my age and this can now say i have seen a dead boy hang himself .
Comments: 3
#5 jj55 2015-02-26 23:03
scary :ttt
kritie sanon
Comments: 1
#4 kritie sanon 2014-09-27 10:11
Finallly a good story to read after a loooooong time :-)
Comments: 8
#3 tibet 2014-06-24 13:56
also it was in the basement not in the attic
Crystal Sinha
Comments: 1
#2 Crystal Sinha 2014-06-15 18:47
There are many versions of this story, all online, in some , the boy had no arms, legs , im some it was mom , not dad etc etc , but the story is cool as hell :uuu
Comments: 4
#1 Haley 2014-05-30 21:19
That was scary!! I think he was death though! :ttt :uuu :i:

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