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Innocent smile

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I used to go for a walk in the evening only in the specific area. I’ve never believed in ghosts, so I wasn’t afraid to walk there so late. 


I was walking and a cold wind was blowing in my face. As I passed the playground, I noticed a little boy there. He was sitting on the swing, and I was curious as to why he was still there, since it had already been dark outside and it was almost 10 pm. I came up to him and suddenly hit my toe on a rock, it made me look down on my legs. When I looked up, the boy wasn’t there anymore. He was on a hill and was looking at me with an innocent smile. 

After a while I started to worry. Boy’s innocent smile began to widen. His face contorted so much that it seemed to burst any moment. His smile literally reached his ears. 

I ran back to our house, but when I approached it, I saw the boy near the porch, sitting on a bench. I was scared, tears started streaming down, I began to shout: "Go away!" and kept repeating it over and over again. I remember slipping on something, falling and hitting my head on the pavement. That was it. 

When I came round, it was morning already. I was in bed and wearing the same clothes as the evening before. I ran into my parents' room, but they weren’t there. I smelled bacon and ran into the kitchen, where my mother was. She asked me if everything was OK with me. I answered "no". Then she told me what had happened the night before. 

When it was almost 10 pm, but I still wasn’t home, my parents started to worry. Mom sent my dad and brother to look for me. They were able to find me on the very same playground. Mom asked me what had happened there. And I started crying again. 

Until now, I don’t know what happened. But I'm sure it was real. My advice to readers, don’t go for a walk when it’s late. 

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#2 Jackson 2017-03-24 17:58
Smh :-|
not scary
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#1 not scary 2014-12-02 09:49
not at all scary.... it was a little interesting... :-| :zzz

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