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Scary old lady

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I was an ordinary guy. I had friends. I studied at a prestigious university. Everything was good in my life. Up to a certain time. 

This summer I broke my leg (returning after fishing with friends, I fell from a stiff slope). I had seemingly ordinary fracture, but it transpired that one of the vertebrae in the low back was shifted. The doctor said I was lucky, he was like ‘man, you got off lightly. Next month you spend at home." And I was so damn disappointed. You know, the last month of summer holidays, and I have to sit at home as on a leash. But treatment is treatment. 

Since then, day after day, day and night I was at home (I lived in a residential area), and boredom slowly but surely drove me mad. And then one day when I was drinking tea, the doorbell rang. I opened the door without hesitation , behind it was a hunchbacked old lady very nice to look at. I’d never seen her before. She asked for a glass of water. I hobbled on crutches to the kitchen, poured a glass of water, came back but the old woman had vanished. I thought she didn’t want to wait, shut the door, went into my room, turned the player on and started listening to music. I didn’t notice how I dozed off. I dreamed about this hunchbacked old lady, she was in my apartment and was standing in the hall, her eyes were bulging and her frantic gaze was directed at me. This time she wasn’t very affable, she opened her mouth and began to mumble something, slowly approaching me, her gray hair was falling off right before my eyes. At this point, I was standing in the doorway of the room and felt the approach of something terrible with her every step ... I slammed the door shut. 

Scary old lady

Night fell. I was woken up by a severe pain in my low back and leg, as if it was sawn. I shrieked and somehow got to the bathroom to wash up. I took toothpaste and toothbrush and started brushing my teeth. I washed my face, put away the paste and the brush, looked up in the mirror on the cabinet and saw the old lady standing behind me. She was looking right at me and pulling her dirty bloody hands towards me. Her face was terribly distorted and pale, mouth open, yellow fangs protruding from her mouth and some slime leaking. Her empty eyes were bulging out, giving the impression that they would burst. I was speechless from fear. I turned on heels - no one was there. I immediately forgot about the pain in my back and got to my room. The clock showed that it was 3a.m. I turned on the light and kept sitting like that until morning. 

In the morning I called a friend and asked him to come spend the night at my place. He agreed =. Half an hour later he was with me. I told him what had happened. As I expected, he explained it by saying that I spent all the time at home alone, locked up, and this atmosphere was pressuring me. It got dark outside, I dozed off, and my friend lay to sleep on the floor beside me. I fell asleep, and saw the same dream, the hall, and at the end of the hall was the old lady, she was closer than yesterday and was about to grab me, she stank terribly! She opened her mouth wide!  

.. And suddenly, to my surprise, she swam past me into the room ... I followed her and saw that she grabbed my friend, and it looked like she dug her nasty mouth to his lips. I was trying to help him, but I couldn’t. I was paralyzed . 

I was awakened by a sharp pain in the back. I immediately started trying to wake up my friend, but couldn’t. I started to shake his hand, it was still hot. The flame of hope flashed before my eyes ... I flipped him onto his back to make mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and saw that on his bruised, withered face an expression of horror was frozen... There are no words to describe the feelings that I experienced at that moment ... Ambulance arrived and he was pronounced dead as a result of internal bleeding. I still blame myself because I couldn’t save him by shutting the door in the room on time. 

After that night I’ce never had that nightmare again. But my life was messed up: I’ve been to courtrooms million time, because they tried to accuse me of murder, but I was declared not guilty. My friends began to shun me, and I was expelled from the university. And that old lady ... I don’t know what it was and why it chose my friend, not me, but I know one thing for sure: if one day some unknown nice old lady comes to your door and asks for a glass of water, or anything else, send her to hell. 

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Good story :ttt
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Omg your story is amazing have you ever thought to be an author your the best :P :lol: :D ;-) :-) :roll: :roll:

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