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Don’t go

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This is a true story based on information provided by a real person. However, my companion asked to keep his name and some details secret. He’s a medical worker, who took part in two wars: WWII and Korean War. We’re sitting in a small, cozy living room, and he’s telling me exciting, interesting stories. He had plenty of them in his 78 years of life. 

The glint in his eyes and oratory take us far, far back. However, when telling this story, his face bore the stamp of sadness, and waves of pain were splashing in his eyes. 

"It happened before the war. I just received my surgeon certificate, and I was sent to work in the south, in the Kazakh steppe. I worked as a surgeon in the admission room in a small capital of the region, but sometimes I acted as a pathologist. 

That hot summer day is deeply etched in my memory. There were many patients and I didn’t have a minute to rest. A nurse was sent me to ask me to stop examination and urgently begin an autopsy of a man's body, brought by his family on a cart. He’d been struck and killed by were in a hurry, it would take them a lot of time to get home. 100 km wasn’t considered a great distance in these places. Just at that moment, I was opening a furunculus and couldn’t leave the patient. I said that I could come in a few minutes, after asking a nurse to apply bandage. Once I went to the door, I heard a quiet female voice - "Don’t go." I turned around, looked around, but there was no one in the office, the nurse was in the bandaging room. Then a patient with an open hip fracture was taken to me, and I began to render emergency aid. A nurse came again to get me, but I was busy. When I finished with the patient, a female voice very distinguishable said again - "Don’t go." Then there was a patient with heavy bleeding, and I stayed. 

The nurse came in the office and said that chief doctor was angry. I replied that I'd come in a moment. After finishing with the patient, and almost reaching the door, I heard a woman's voice again - "Don’t go." And I decided - I was stopped three times, I won’t go, that’s it! I stayed in the office and resumed examination. The chief came, wild with anger, "Why aren’t you taking my orders?" To which I calmly said, "I have a lot of patients, but the therapist is just sitting and doing nothing (I also lashed out and got rude), so he should go, he studied the same things I did.” And a furious chief doctor went to get him. 

Twenty minutes later, the autopsy began. And then a terrible thing happened. My colleague sawed the chest and began to dissect the lungs when the dead guy suddenly jumped up, began to shout spitting blood, and rushed to the doctor. Terrified, my colleague stormed out of the room, and ran to me covered in blood and with wild eyes. He shouted, "Faster, faster! He's alive!" I was examining a patient and skeptically replied, "Who? The dead man?" “Yes, he is alive, take the tools and save him." I didn’t believe it, but took the bag with tools, talked with my nurse and followed him. Having caught up with him, I saw that my colleague had become absolutely gray. 


There was a half-dead man on the floor of the room. He was bleeding, it was too late to do anything, life was leaving him. A few minutes later he died for real. My colleague got a big sentence for intentional homicide. During the war he was released, and then he was killed during the liberation of Warsaw. And to this day I don’t know who called me and stopped me, who saved me from a great mistake. Can it be a guardian angel or maybe a hunch and intuition? .." He finished the story without even paying attention to the tea which now was cold. And I was sitting there and thinking about how thin the line between life and death was, how much of the mysterious and unknown existed.  

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#1 Ink 2014-10-27 14:41
here is the thing any good person who would be observing would clearly see that if in fact he was alive he would bleed as they cut into the chest and don't you say that his blood flow was slowed down because he jumped up VERY quickly so he would have been bleeding when they cut into the chest so either this story is false OR the guy in the story deserved being in jail because it was... DUN DUN true murder

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