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Fear! I was just beginning to get used to sleeping with the lights off, and now I’ve read too much again... creepy. I lived with my parents in a 1-bedroom apartment, slept in the living room where my grandmother used to live. 

My sister and parents slept in another room. Once I woke up at night and felt that someone was looking at me (with no light it’s pitch dark there, you can’t see anything, so I’d always slept facing the wall). So I lay there and thought that it was nonsense! And suddenly, I felt some movement and mechanically quietly whisper in fear "leave, go away" and somehow I calmed down. I thought, damn, I’ve seen too many horror movies and imagine it all. After a couple of minutes, not more, my sister in the other room started yelling. I was so scared my heart almost stopped! I quickly rant into the parents’ room, bumped on the bed even! My sister was in hysteria "Grandma came! I saw her, she adjusted my blanket." 

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Since then, it happened several times, but I slept with the lights on and, in general, tried not to sleep at home. I got married and only then relaxed, more or less. Every time when I slept at home, I used to wake up at night and tell myself "Leave, go away" - it calmed me, but I didn’t tell anyone about it. Once when we were having breakfast, my mother said: "I had a dream about your grandma. She came to us in the bedroom and stood there. I asked her what she wanted, and she said – you know, my own granddaughters don’t let me in the room, ask me to leave all the time." As I froze sitting ... later I told about my night delusions and about "leave". My mom was shocked. 

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