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Invisible savior

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It happened to me yesterday. I noticed a long time ago that my parents often lose some small things in our apartment - staplers, pencils, handkerchiefs. If you leave it on the table before going to sleep, you won’t find it there in the morning. Mom joked that it was just a boggard being naughty. I was skeptical about it and hinted that they just forgot where they’d put things. 

Yesterday guests came to my parents. Mom and dad weren’t home, but they promised to come in a moment. I was bored, so I was just wandering around the apartment, when I noticed our cat lying on the windowsill, trying to hunt birds. Of course! Our apartment is on the ground floor, so there are always a countless number of birds sitting on the trees. I decided to watch this huntress, came closer to the window, leaned on the sill, and began to stroke the cat. It should be noted that I was at the window on the balcony, it’s long, but its width is just over a meter. 

small balcony

So I’m standing there, stroking my furry friend, when suddenly I hear a loud sound. The cat immediately jumped down from the sill, I followed it to check what had happened. It turned out that an ottoman had fallen! It was unbelievable that an ottoman (heavy, with all mom’s stuff on it), standing on four legs, would fall without any help.. But the most amazing thing is that as soon as I put it in place, there was a loud unrealistic screeching, then a hit and the sound of shattering glass. It turned out that the window, next to which I had been standing, had been hit by a truck. The driver was drunk, plus there was ice on the road, which had its influence. The car skidded, it jumped over the curb, and drove into our window. I’m sure that some invisible force saved me. Even if I had noticed the truck going my way, I wouldn’t have had time to run back to a safe distance. At the very least, I would have been showered with shatters. 

Thank you, my guardian angel. 

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