The OWLMAN - - Scary story


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that thing…. its been stalking me for a year now. i don't know what it is. its staring into my soul. when i sleep i can see it out of my window. when i look out of my balcony,

he's there in the playground, 4 kids playing like theres nothing there. sky is dark now. the OWLMAN is looking to me, facing me ı could not take it anymore. i ran out of my house when i opened the door he was there. he slowly came towards me. he got me stuck in a corner. i stared right at him. not trying to show my fear he continued coming towards me. i started to cry. when i opened my eyes he was not there. I'm writing this so people know whats stalking me. he's watching me right know...

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Raegan Michelle
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#10 Raegan Michelle 2016-12-01 16:36
Quoting Raegen:

Hey thats my name, i never see another girl with my name!
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#9 Unknown 2015-12-01 15:38
im coming for you :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu :uuu
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#8 Unknown 2015-09-25 18:40
help me me help me help please me won't forgive never forgive
Forgive never wont look in mirror look in mirror look inside insanity your mind will fade mind fate will
.... You are cursed die
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#7 Raegen 2015-02-13 15:44
Sabbath Calderilla
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#6 Sabbath Calderilla 2014-10-06 17:38
:g: :g: :ttt :ttt :uuu :uuu
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#5 tibet 2014-08-10 10:09
Thank you this story is my story and it is well its fake well everything here is fake so I just thank you for leaving a comment
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#4 jacey 2014-07-06 15:45
im so scared that scared me so bad im going to crie booho :cry: :ttt
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#3 tibet 2014-06-25 14:05
thanks this is the most successful out of my 3 stories
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#2 loky 2014-06-25 04:14
i can't wrote as good as this but..the idea to scare through a little is good, it's like told another story in my mind, playing another scene on my imagination, scary...but only last that long...
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#1 tibet 2014-06-24 16:42
second story let me know your thoughts

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