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- Maaary!! I bought a new tablet! Finally! - Ann joyfully shouted into the phone, dancing around in excitement. – I have saved enough and bought it! Come over quickly, we’ll test it out!  

- Cool! – Mary was genuinely happy and not the least bit jealous of her girlfriend. – I am coming right over!..  

- Oh, it’s white! – Mary’s face has lit up with a smile of delight. – It’s so neat and beautiful! Congratulations! Have you already downloaded any applications? Is it all ready to go?  

- Yeah! - Anna was happy as a child. - I got installed all the software as a bonus! Let's check it out!  

The girls started browsing a wonderful new tablet, so long coveted by Anna. Internet, games, applications, two cameras ... In general - a dream, a neat toy for only $300. The girlfriends called all the friends, spoke to anyone they could and watched two movies. All this, of course, could be done with cell phones and usual computers, but doing it with a tablet - the coveted tablet - was really nice.  

It was close to 6 pm, the sun was shining outside, the cars were bustling on the street buzzing in traffic, and people were going home from work. Fresh May greenery was whispering something under the pleasant breeze.  

- Let’s go take some pictures! - Mary suggested.  

- Yeah, for sure! – Anna happily supported the idea. 

Quickly (yes, sometimes it happens) having gotten ready the girlfriends went outside. They ran around the backyard and started their photo session.  

- Come on, lean against the wall! Take a beautiful pose! Mary, I said BEAUTIFUL pose! Put your leg like that, yes!  

Anna started pointing the camera and froze with the astonished look on her face. No click followed. 

- Well, what’s the hold up? – Mary was tired of standing in an uncomfortable pose. - Come on, take a picture.  

- I do not understand - Anna muttered. - Come over here, I don’t get it. – Anna started looking around with the same puzzled look and looking at the camera.  

- Well, what is it? – Mary got away from the wall and went to her friend. She was anxious – she was hoping that the tablet didn’t break or Anna would get upset, because she is very sensitive and she wanted this computer for so long.  

Anya continued playing with the tablet and looking at the screen.  

- Look, - she turned the tablet to her friend. – Do you see it too?  

Masha first blankly stared at the screen, and then looked to where the camera was pointed and gasped:  

- What is it?! - Her sky-blue eyes literally jumped out of their sockets. 

The camera was aimed at the house, a typical 12-storey apartment building with flower beds in front of it, benches, were young mothers and old ladies were sitting and parked cars. And on the tablet screen ... Oh no, it was something unreal. On the screen she saw an empty space, a lot with scorched land, some truck’s frame and a gray sky... 

- Look more! - Anna started turning the table pointing the camera on new objects. But the camera saw something quite different: the ruins of houses, funnels with scorched soil, wasteland of black and gray colors.  

The friends looked at each other. They were scared, but at the same time they had that same feeling when you are anticipating an interesting and slightly dangerous adventure. 

- Let's take a walk, shall we? - Proposed Anna quietly and softly. Mary nodded, looking at her with the same bulging eyes that were already a little excited.  

Until the evening the girlfriends walked around the city, examined the extinct world on the computer screen and had fun. New entertainment excited them. Soon it got dark and they hurriedly went home – Mary’s parents were waiting for her, and Anna was going on a date with Alex – a blue-eyed blonde biker. 


- Jump on, and hide your computer. – Alex was sitting on his turned on motorcycle and was looking at Anna with a smile. He liked this boisterous girl with great shapely legs and a pretty face.  

- No, Alex, can I please take it with me? There is something amazing happening here! – Anna shoved the tablet under his nose with a switched on camera. - Look! 

Sasha studied the image for a couple of seconds and laughed:  

- Silly! This is probably just some program or a virus. And it probably takes up a lot of disk space to. We need to clean it. Did you think it was some mysticism? - He laughed. – Jump on! Let’s go to the park, Brad is going to be there. That geek is the best programmer in the world, he can do anything we need. . Anya smiled, put the computer into a bag and jumped on the motorcycle behind the guy. Really, what was she thinking? They’ll take care of it now and everything will be fine!  


- Well… - Brad rubbed his beard and pulled away from the screen. - I do not see a virus here, dude, the computer is clean. And about the camera ... Well, I have no idea what is wrong with it. I’ve never seen anything like that before. – In the camera they could see the park with piles of some crumpled scrap metal.  

- Oh, there’s something new there. Let me see! – Alex snatched the tablet from Brad’s hands. – Here, take a look!  

Anna and Brad bumped their heads looking at the screen. From behind a pile of scrap someone was coming out. It was barely visible, but its eyes were shining in the darkness and were very bright and unpleasant. They seemed to pierce through you, as if they could see the person behind the screen. 

- I'm scared. - Anna squealed and clung to Alex. The creature suddenly stopped and then rushed towards the "camera." Shocked, Alex dropped the tablet on the ground and it got switched off.  

- God dammit! – Alex began picking up the device and at the same time was trying to assess the damage to the computer. – Brad, see if it’s fine.  

Brad took the computer, turned it on and checked. Everything worked and was intact. The camera was not showing anything. 

You should exchange it tomorrow for a new one, okay? - He handed the computer to Anna.  

She nodded and hid the tablet in her bag again. The evening was ruined. 


- Oh, I can’t believe that we never checked the camera. Everything seemed to be working, and now this!  

- Lamented the store manager, looking at the gray stripes on the screen. - If you agree to wait 20 minutes, then you will be given a new tablet with all the software, the same kind. And if you do not have time – then we can deliver it to you tomorrow at our expense, because it's our fault!  

- No, it’s ok, I'll wait. - Anna sat on a bench for the visitors in a corner and immersed deep in thought. She was brought back by a phone call – Mary was impatient to find out how the date went and when they were going for another walk with the camera. 

- I came in to exchange it. – Anna said.  

- Where? – Mary sounded extremely surprised. - Ah, the tablet? Why?  

- Well, not Alex, dah! – Anna chuckled. – I’ll tell you later, I’m still in the store.  

- I’m coming over! – Yelled Mary and got disconnected.  

Anya just sighed.  

- Here is your computer! Everything works fine; you can check it out now! – The manager smiled, because he was glad that the situation got resolved and without a scandal. Anna quickly scanned the desktop, opened the camera - everything was fine. 

- Thank you. Is that all?  

- Yes, of course, the documents are in the package, the warranty and the check. - The manager seemed happy.  

- Thank you. Goodbye. - Anna went slowly towards the exit.  

- Have a great day! – The manager said to Anna as she was leaving, but she did not hear it: Mary was running towards her. Realizing that now Masha will start yelling, Anna quickly rushed to the door, dragging her girlfriend along. 

- Hey, what’s up? - Protested Mary on the street. – Why did you exchange such a great toy?  

- I'll tell you everything; let’s go to a coffee shop, over there! 


- Wow, that is crazy! – Mary was stunned while drinking her latte. – So, what now?  

- Well, now we can finally take those pictures! – Anna pointed the camera at Mary and took a picture. - Look how cool it came out!  

Mary started looking at her picture:  

- Well, yes, it’s not bad. Let me photograph you now, ok? - She pointed the camera on Anna, screamed and dropped the computer on the table.  

- What happened? – Anna got worried and picked up the tablet. The camera was showing everything that was in the coffee shop. Anna started twisting and turning the computer and also screamed: at the entrance, behind her back stood the creature, obviously only in the camera, and was looking straight at her. It moved and went towards her, and Anna kept staring into the screen. 


- Maria, parallel world is not a myth, you have seen it yourself. – The woman was looking at the pale girl seriously. - And this - her finger pointed to the bag with the tablet – is only a conduit of what your girlfriend was drawing to her. There is nothing wrong with the computer itself. It was her energy that was opening the gates into that world, she is lost in the maze of time and space. And she was taken away to that world, leaving only an empty shell of her body here.  

- And what is this world? Why her? - Mary could not come to terms with the death of her friend "of a heart attack," as the doctors said. - What is all this nonsense?  

- It's not nonsense, dear. Their world is close to ours, and I am afraid that you saw there what would soon happen here. – The fortune teller opened a drawer and pulled out a small mirror. - Take a look here.  

Masha glanced in the mirror. In the reflection behind her there stood pale Anna and that creature…  

shadow girl

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Sort of scary
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