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We welcomed a son, lived in the house of my wife when my wife left to take exams in another city. I moonlighted as a night watchman. The work was not difficult. So we had such an arrangement with my mother-in-law: I come home in the morning, stay with my son, and then she comes home and stays with him while I am at work. Usually I managed to get some sleep on the job.  

Here is the scariest story... 

As usual I was spending a day with my son, played with him, cared for him as best as I could, nursed him. Basically, I was acting like his mother. And our house was built on the ground, and all the facilities were located in the backyard. So, I was going to go out to the toilet ( for a long time), and my son was not asleep and he didn’t want to stay in the crib, but I was hesitant to leave him alone, so I stayed and held my urges walking back and forth with him. As I am holding back my urges, I looked at the clock and it was time for my mother-in-law to be back, so I called her but she did not answer. I was feeling quite uncomfortable, but my son kept playing and asking to be held. And then the door opens, my mother-in-law comes in, I am very excited while she is saying something to me , but I can’t hold any longer, so I handed her the child and fly out of the house , to the toilet. 

Ten minutes later I came back to the house. My son was sleeping in his crib, but the mother-in-law wasn’t there. I decided that she stepped out. So I started watching TV. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was my mother-in-law calling. I pick up the phone and there is some guy that says that she was hit by a car when crossing a street and she was in the hospital. Her condition was serious, and I had to go to the hospital. And the strangest thing is that all that happened about an hour ago, so she could not be home.  

Now all is well with my mother-in-law, my son grew up, and I still do not know what happened that day. 

mother-in-law with her grandson

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#2 Danieltheancient 2016-05-18 17:51
That story was the danielest of Fam.
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#1 BA 2016-03-14 05:39
Very cool very cool story creepy with just enough info to make you want to cringe.. :ttt :ttt :ttt :ttt :ttt :ttt :ttt :ttt :ttt :ttt :i: :i: :i: :lol: :lol:

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