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A Look-Alike

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2005 had strongly imbedded in my memory by two significant events. First, I had reached my twentieth year and my parents reluctantly admitted the fact that I grew up and let me leave a family nest.

I made it immediacy and moved into grandma’s empty apartment, which was located not far from the parents’ lodge. One more thing that I did to fix an adult status in public eyes was inviting boyfriend to share food and bed with me in my place of living. So, as it is written in books, we began live happy ever afterwards.  

So, we enjoyed in such a way all summer through and were ready to meet the autumn. My man was busy, he was studying in the institute and in spare time was working as master of decorative ironwork. He got some money for his work. I was occupied by freelance and earned little sums of money. I was busy by supporting family hearth. I was on holidays so I waited my sweetheart at home or in the yard communicating with young mammies and my friend in addition to other duties.  

In one of such evenings, the second event happened in the sunset. Thanks to it 2005 will never be forgotten by me, even if I would be an old woman with grey hear, even if I would suffer with senile imbecility, I will remember this for long-long years ever after. So, let me introduce you an acting area: my friends and me were standing not far from the house; my husband was in the work. It was evening time when my sweetheart rang me and told that he was on his way home. I said good-buy to my friends, dropped into the store to buy some bread and went towards my apartment lazily. I came upstairs to my floor, opened a door and started all of a sudden for I heard house intercom ringing. I took off the intercom and heard: “Jennifer, its’ me.”  

I pressed the button and surprised that my sweetheart was so quick. But soon these thoughts were replaced by ones about the dinner, that I must fry it quickly, to wash my hands, and so on and so on… I jumped into the kitchen and heard as Joseph entered and closed the door. I shouted him to put off and to wait two minutes trying to be loader than noise from pouring water. He murmured something indistinctively. I set the table and called him but he was silent. I went into the hall to search him. On my way I thought that he turned on a computer, put on headphones and was playing a shooting game. I passed the corridor and noticed him going out of the dark bathroom. I frightened. And than the events were going as in those famous story about Alice. He sat at the table, cast eyes down, mixed the stuff of the dish and was silent. He used to say about his day in details and never lost appetite, so I got anxious and began asking my sweetheart about the reasons of such behavior. But he just nodded his head. Sometimes he cast angry looks at me full of contempt as though I was guilty, as if I had made something awful. I got so upset and nervous of his behavior that I was ready to cry. I don’t know why I reacted in such a way, may be the reason was in our free discussion of all question earlier. And here I met a high wall for no reason.  

We had dinner in silence. I gave up trying to begin a dialogue. I went into the hall, switched on the TVset and pretended I was busy by watching it. He sat near me, crossed his hands on the chest and kept staring at me. I didn’t say a word, I just felt a smell from my sweetheart – it was bad, rotten. It wasn’t strong but it was evident. 

My patience has run out and I asked him to stop staring at me and to take a shower for he was stinky after the work… Here he started: “Am I stinking? I will go have a smoke and than will take a shower.” He stood up, took a cigarette and went into the toilet.  

I sat without a mood, I felt awful. I thought about what had happened to Joseph and how should I react further.  

So, having gone deeply into my mind I had sat for thirty minutes probably. In the TVset one silly serial was changed by another, but Joseph didn’t leave the bathroom and was silent – not a sound wasn't heard. "Are you alive there? " I stood up from a sofa, went to a bathroom, nerves clenched as a hard spring. I heard silence in reply. I stood behind the bathroom door, strained my ears and pulled a door handle. The door was locked. I got really nervous, I pulled the door strongly and cried out something like "Josy, stop kidding, open the door"... but in vain... The latch was strong, silence from another side too. I didn’t know what to think, I tried to break the door open. My hysterics was stopped by the alarm of the house intercom. I thought that no matter whom it was – pizza deliverer or somebody else - I would ask him open the door. I rushed to the treasured device. But I heard a voice I didn't expect to hear at all: “Darling, open the door, it’s me". 

It was my sweetheart. I can’t call him out of the bathroom and he was there... raising on an elevator. I think there is no need to tell that waiting for the second Joseph’s comeback I was standing in the staircase nearly unconscious. Joseph, having jumped out of the elevator, began describing the events that made him late (checking the time on mobile phone from his last call, I understood that he was absent for two hours while I fed with a dinner and I tried to draw a conversation with recent shape of darling), but he stopped having seen my pale and pathetic look. It was hard to understand my convulsive and confused babble, but Josy catch the essence and, having pulled out a latch with piece of door, opened the bathroom door. The bathroom was empty and a faience friend stared at us solely with obvious bewilderment. 

Here is the entire story, in the form of a small epilog I will add – I couldn’t explain to Joseph what had actually happened that time. He just understood that someone entered the flat and disappeared in our bathroom, and I got frightened to hiccups. Each time Joseph tried to clear a situation, he saw my desperate horror crumpling my face, and soon he gave up his attempts, having put probably a certain picture of the incident. We lived with him 1,5 years more after the event in a relative consent and piece, and then he disappeared... He just went away on business and didn’t return home. His phone was not available. The statement in bodies with the subsequent searches didn't yield results. He is registered as a missing person up to this day. 

A Look-Alike

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Your terrible grammar is scarier than this story. :o
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