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Remove a dead baby!

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All physicians are inherently atheistic. Most of them genuinely believe that the treatment that they prescribe would help. But there are cases when a treatment does not work, and suddenly a real miracle happens and a patient incredibly, without any good reason, recovers.

And there are also completely mystical events that are remembered a lifetime.  

When I recall this episode of my life, it still get goose bumps all over my body. That is why, if you are too impressionable, you should probably stop reading. 

When I was in medical school, I had an internship in a maternity hospital. One day we were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit. An hour before our arrival a newborn baby died there.  

When a person dies in a hospital, the body should remain for two hours in that unit to ascertain a biological death and only then it is taken to pathological-anatomical department. 

Typically, after 2 hours the body stiffens. So, in the appropriate time, two hours later we approach the body of the newborn with a nurse. She examines him, gets very scared and starts to call for doctors. We couldn’t understand anything. Then she says: "The whole body is stiffened but the neck and head!” This means that a child is like "looking around, thinking who to take with him.”  

Once she said that, in the next intensive care unit another newborn had a cardiac arrest. The whole crowd ran over there and began reviving him. And in the next incubator there was another 26 week year old baby. He was relatively stable and was developing fine outside the mother's body, and he had every chance to be soon released from the hospital. And his heart also stopped!  

2 teams of doctors were trying really hard to save both lives!  

And that nurse shouted: "Take the dead baby right away for the unit and call for maintenance guys so they hammered some nails into each corner of the emergency room!" 

So I asked: isn’t it true that doctors tend to believe in their treatment until the last moment, but then, as I knew it, a maintenance guy came and he hammered a nail into every corner.  

And some time later both of those babies got better and they began to recover.  

We, the students, experienced a terrible shock! And that nurse told us that in her experience something similar happened several times. Sometimes even those measures didn’t help, and a dead baby managed to “take someone away with him.”  

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