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Evil doctor

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My friend told me about this case. At that time she worked as a nurse in the emergency room, and a boy of 11 years was delivered to them (he’d been skateboarding, when he’d fallen and hit his head). He fell into a coma on the third day of his stay in ER. Their new doctor kept telling the boy's parents: 

- Sign the agreement on switching the life support machine off, he’ll either die or become a “vegetable”. 

Of course, parents refused. My friend nurse also said: 

- Why switch it off? People who’ve been in a coma for even longer period come out of it in good condition. 

The doctor bawled her out, implying that a nurse should keep quiet. In the evening my friend came out of the treatment room and saw the boy standing in the hallway . 

She asked him: 

- Why did you come out, come back to your ward, how did you even get up? 

The boy replied: 

- Tell that the evil woman not to kill me, I'll be back soon. 

And he went back to the ward. The nurse followed him, and saw him lying in the bed as he was before, in a coma. She thought that she’d overworked and got tired, that's why she was imagining stuff. 

The next evening, the child recovered consciousness. And when the nurse came into his room, he said: 

- I told you I’d be back soon. 

She asked: 

- And when did you tell me this? 

- Yesterday, I saw you in my dream. And the evil woman wanted to kill me. 

child in intensive care

Now my friend doesn’t work in the emergency room, she left for the children's department. 

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#3 LUFFY 2015-12-31 03:58
Nami doesnt know what to say about this story :lol: :-* :o :P :eek: :roll:
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#2 Brooklynn 2015-01-30 19:17
Quoting Lindsay:
Very bad doctor, needs her license revoked & to have it cut-up in her face

She's right
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#1 Lindsay 2014-10-16 01:54
Very bad doctor, needs her license revoked & to have it cut-up in her face

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