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A Midnight Game

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ATTENTION: Do not play the midnight game. This is very dangerous. There is a very high probability to die while playing this game. There is also a great chance that you will go mad. We strongly recommend you not to play the midnight game.

Blame yourselves if you decided to play this game.


The midnight game must be played in a house with wooden entrance door. You will need a big candle, a sheet of paper, a pencil or a pen, a match or a lighter, a packing of salt, a needle or a pin.


Step 1: Write your name on a sheet of paper. This should be your full name – the first name and surname.

Step 2: Prick the finger and trickle a drop of blood on the sheet. Allow the blood to soak.

Step 3: Turn off the lights in the house and come to the entrance door. The door must be made of wood.

Step 4: Put the sheet of paper in front of the door. Light a candle and place it on a sheet of paper.

Step 5: At midnight knock on the door 22 times. You must hurry and do it before 00:01.

Step 6: Open the entrance door and blow out the candle.

Step 7: Close the door and light up the candle again immediately.

You have just invited the Midnight Man to your place.

Now the midnight game starts.

You should walk around the house in the dark with a lit candle in your hand. Your goal is to avoid a meeting with Midnight Man until 3:33 at all costs. If your candle goes out this means Midnight Man is close to you. You must light the candle again in the next ten seconds, in other case the Midnight Man will catch you. The candle is your only defense.

- If you manage to light a candle for this short period of time, you can continue to move around the house, hiding from the Midnight Man.
- If you are unable to light a candle quickly, you should immediately sprinkle salt around yourself, making a circle. You must stay in the circle of salt until 3:33 come. The salt is your last line of defense. Do not leave the circle. In other case, the Midnight Man will catch you.
- If you made it past until 3:33, this means you won the midnight game. Whatever happens, the Midnight Man will leave at 3:33 am, and if you're still alive, you can go sleep.
- If you stay at the same position all the game long, it will be easier for the Midnight Man to find you. It is strongly recommended not to stop moving during the game.

Signs that shows that the Midnight Man is close to you:

  1. Your candle began flicker and soon it will go out.
  2. You will suddenly feel cold terribly.
  3. You will hear a quiet whisper.
  4. You will see a silhouette of a man in the dark.

Game Rules

Do NOT turn on the light during the game.
Do NOT use a torch during a game.
Do NOT go to sleep, when the game starts.
Do NOT use another person's blood to be dropped on paper with your name.
Do NOT try to use a lighter instead of a candle, it will not work.
DO NOT try to annoy the Midnight Man, under no circumstance.

You must begin the ritual performance right at 24:00, otherwise you will fail.

A few words in conclusion and a piece of advice:

Do not play this game. This is very dangerous. An evil spirit or demon can penetrate your home. You can become obsessed or go mad. It is extremely dangerous to walk around the house with a lighted candle. You can cause a fire. It is dangerous to prick the finger with a needle, you can allow any infection invade your body. Finally, here is the last piece of advice: DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.

The proof:

“I lit a candle and walked around the house in fear about ten minutes. Then I heard a door slam somewhere, and I started to cry. It was about three o'clock when I felt the bitter cold. Then, as it seems to me, I heard a loud noise on the first floor in the bathroom – it was about 3:30. I stopped for a while, then I started forward again. As soon as I took a step, I saw someone’s silhouette and my candle went out. He stood right in front of me, so I dropped the candle, ripped the package of salt and drew a salt circle on the floor – it was the fastest action in the history of mankind. I had stayed in a circle about three minutes, trembling with fear like a leaf. Then I heard the entrance door opening and my friends bursting into the house, shouting my name. The light was turned on and I saw my friends staring at me. I lost consciousness. I had never felt such fright in my life. I do not recommend to play the midnight game”

Midnight game

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Black Cat
Comments: 9
#10 Black Cat 2016-12-19 19:44
Quoting skyler:
Why dont u just cheat by making a circle of salt then stepping in it when its time to play ???

Why NOT?!?!
Comments: 15
#9 skyler 2016-12-16 19:27
Why dont u just cheat by making a circle of salt then stepping in it when its time to play ???
Black Cat
Comments: 9
#8 Black Cat 2016-11-21 16:37
:wiz: :wiz: :uuu :scr: :scr: :g: :g:
Black Cat
Comments: 9
#7 Black Cat 2016-11-21 16:36
:uuu :uuu
Comments: 1
#6 Abri 2015-06-07 21:02
I wonder if this is real or if any one has gotten hurt FOR REAL........ :eek: :-*
Comments: 3
#5 Kawaii_Potato16 2015-06-03 11:35
Holy Crap I wanna play this so bad!But I'm scared it will be real and I scare measily :i: :shock: :g: :scr:
Comments: 1
#4 Ariel 2015-06-02 20:30
I want to do it but, I'm to scared :ttt I'm afraid my candle might go out :i: and I wont be able to light it again and I might get scared by the midnight man... :uuu
Comments: 9
#3 Laura 2014-05-16 20:05
Had somebody played the game and seen the Midnight Man? :g:
Comments: 4
#2 Igor 2014-05-16 20:04
I followed all the rules, and that's what happened. It was midnight, I had a candle and a packet of salt in my hand. Suddenly I heard footsteps and opened the packaging of salt in fear. I drew a circle. I was scared for I saw a silhouette close to me. The light was turned on, and than my mom gave me a gruelling for I spilled the salt on the carpet ... There we go.
Comments: 5
#1 Kaitlyn 2014-05-16 20:02
How can I make one candle burn three hours long?? :o

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