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Where and how to see a ghost

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Let’s try to find and document seeing a ghost. First, we need to prepare:

  1. First, let’s research the object of the study. For example, let it be an uninhabited family mansion, which is rumored to be haunted by a ghost of its owner.
  2. Let’s talk to relatives and local old-timers about the last few decades, and about the owners of the estate. From the relatives we learned the name of the alleged ghost, say his name was Alexander. Alexander was killed in his own bed. The murderer was never found. It is clear that the death was violent, which does not preclude the appearance of a ghost.
  3. Next, we prepare the equipment that we might need. Let’s take a large halogen lamp and a spare battery for it. Let’s also take a tape recorder (triple-check that it is working). Also let’s take a video camera with infrared ray (for night shooting) and a camera with flash. It is also desirable to take an old radio. Also would be great to have lamps for lighting.
  4. Now let’s go to the haunted house. First we inspect the building and the surrounding area. Then we go inside. We examine everything from the basement to the attic paying a special attention to the items that may have belonged to the deceased, as well as to the location of objects that are not fixed. Choose one of the rooms in which we will have to spend the night. Set the video camera in the furthest corner from the door to our room. Turn on the radio and tune in to empty waves, and put the recorder net to it. If possible comment on everything that happens. Mobile phones should be off and not used at all!
  5. Now we just wait for night to fall. You can do something or read a book.
  6. If you heard the sound of footsteps in the hallway, then grab the video camera and the flashlight. Slowly and quietly open the door of your room and use the flashlight to light both sides of the corridor while documenting what you see with the video camera. Freeze and listen carefully. If nothing is happening, go back to the room. Do not close the door in any case. Put the video camera in the same place. Remember that a ghost can be dangerous! All he wants from you is to get rid of you!
  7. If after some time you heard footsteps on the upper floors, you should know that the ghost is trying to lure you to the floors above. So you should not lose focus and keep reading the book. Most likely, noises and sounds will become louder and closer. Radio might exhibit some interference.
  8. If you did not fall into his trap and did not go to the floors above, then it is likely that the ghost will want to play with the handle of the door. Then you should take a video camera, a flashlight, a radio and a voice recorder. Turn all of them on. Exit the room and go towards the sounds you hear. Occasionally look at the screen on your camcorder, and in any case, do not look back. Your path will be accompanied by the actions of the ghost. Remember, if the ghost fails to scare you away, he will try to ask for your help to find peace by drawing your attention to the signs or pointing to specific actions. But if you started doing something at his request but will not be able to finish it, the consequences could be unfortunate, so do not promise anything to the deceased.
  9. If suddenly on your way you saw a silhouette of the child, most often of a girl, then immediately leave the building! Silhouettes of children or ghosts of girls – are prohibitory sign, violating which could harm your well-being or even cause death.

If you have collected enough materials try getting some help from a psychic. If he turns out to be a charlatan, find a good priest in a church and ask him to read the burial service for the deceased. With the videotaped material you can do whatever you want, at your discretion. All devices that you took with you are devices with high sensitivity. On the recorder you can hear some sounds, on records from the radio in slow motion you might hear the voices, and on a video recording you have a chance to see the image of the ghost.

And be careful! No wonder there is a saying "If you often look into the abyss, the abyss begins looking back at you."


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Deadly Dolly
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#5 Deadly Dolly 2015-11-20 03:08
uu have a ghost. its my friend(sorta) :uuu :hr:
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#4 Malificent 2015-08-11 11:05
To story: me:mother I want to go have a sleepover at the haunted house!mother:ok I know one nearby. Some time later me:bye mom mother:bye honey (me looking up) :shock: ok then (an hour later) we'll this ain't that bad quite scary though :sigh: (12 o'clock) this is just freaky and I can't seem to sleep.. :ttt
(knocking on the door) did my parents come oh finally (me opening the door) me:hi mom! Why so late mom:you'll see dear :uuu
Comments: 8
#3 Scarygurl27 2015-02-21 18:47
I don't think I'll ever need this because I don't think I ever want to go into a haunted place scary though :uuu
Comments: 21
#2 Brooklynn 2014-12-05 18:50
awesome the picure was scary thanks for the tips :lol: :D :wiz
Comments: 1
#1 buang 2014-09-12 04:03
:i: :uuu

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