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A Boo

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One day I buzzed on the party in honour of my friends’ – Ashton and Any – wedding day anniversary and spent the night at their place. I didn’t dare to drive a car being drunk. Besides, my friends got a big cottage which they inherited from their granny.

There were many rooms. I accepted their reasonable suggestion for I was not married and nobody wanted me home.

– Listen, the electrical supply company often blacks out our area by nights. – Ashton warned me, – So, be careful. My son always scatters toys around. Once I have nearly slipped to death.  

I assured Ashton that I had taken note of his words, took bed sheets and went to sleep. I slept very badly. I did’t know the reason – whether it was too much emotions over the previous day or I couldn’t get used to a new bed. All night through I had nightmares and visions of hellish stuff. It was close in my room (in spite of the widely opened window). Besides, I got thirsty at two o’clock in the morning. I could bare the nightmares but the agony of thirst pressed me more closely and I got up to search for water.  

There was no electricity at house, as Anthony warned. My eyes got used to dark, so there was no problem. I reached the refrigerator and took a cold juice out. I drank half a bottle of it at once. At this moment I heard quiet, a barely audible child crying. I frowned. It was Liam only – a 4-years-old Ashton’s son – who could do it. I stood in the kitchen for a while straining my ears but the child kept crying. Any and Ashton were probably fast asleep.  

I put the juice back into the ref and decided to check what was going on with the child. This was not mine business at one hand, but I couldn’t pretend I had heard nothing and go sleeping.  

Moving towards the sound, I reached a door in the longest corner of a corridor and stopped. Crying was absolutely surely heard behind it, so I opened it slightly and cast a quick look inside. It was a usual nursery room – there was a dispatched bed at the left, a table at a window, a huge dark wardrobe stretched along the right wall. 

– Liam? – I called quietly. – It’s me, Dennis. Why do you cry?  

Somebody moved in the corner and the cry stopped.  

«Here you are, Liam!» I thought and entered the room. I shut the door behind me and came up to the baby, who sat in the corner thickly muffled in a rug and wailed quietly embracing a toy.  

– So, – I asked trying to be as sincere as I could – Why do you cry?  

Liam kept silent for a while and than said quietly: 

– Boo. 

– What? – I hardly understood anything at that moment. Damn, the poor me probably was shitting in the pants by now. My back really felt somebody standing behind me and I felt it dreadful as if my knees shook.  

I looked back all of a sudden but saw nobody there.  

– He is in the wardrobe, – Liam got up and stood near me, – he waits until you leave.

scary wardrobe

The strange wardrobe… I got angry on myself – a grown man was afraid of a children chiller-diller! I took control back and came up to the wardrobe murmuring words that people used to say in these moments, something like “there is only a dream, there is nobody there, bla-bla-bla…” Liam kept standing in the corner.  

– Do you see? There is nothing here, – I said and threw the doors open. The wardrobe was really empty. I appeased Liam to go to sleep, wished him good night and promised that I punish any “Boo” within this house at his first demand.  

Ashton woke me up in the morning. We had our breakfast and began preparing to go fishing. I remembered my night adventure when we had nearly reached a lake. I told about it to my friend laughing. Ashton kept silent and than told: 

– Turn the car back. 

– ???? – I looked surprisingly at my friend. He was pale as Death.  

– Liam slept all night with us. My late elder brother used to sleep in the room in the end of the corridor.  

– You said your brother? – I asked and felt some cold in my back. 

Ashton nodded.  

– He was found dead when he was only four. He used to say that he saw somebody. It went out of the wardrobe. My son tells that he sees it too.  
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America Cruz
Comments: 1
#11 America Cruz 2016-11-18 19:03
Comments: 5
#10 sisllexi 2015-10-01 16:02
Quoting Callum:
Why was ther nothing in the wardrobe
because the one guy couldn't see it
Comments: 5
#9 Callum 2015-08-29 17:07
Why was ther nothing in the wardrobe
Comments: 5
#8 Callum 2015-08-29 17:04
:ttt :hr: :wiz: :uuu :scr: :g: :shock: :i: scary
Comments: 5
#7 Anna 2015-05-17 20:32
I don't get the end it stopped in the middle of a sentence. :sad: :sad: :sad:
Comments: 9
#6 ANON 2015-01-06 04:52
creepy. I going to tell this stories to my brother.. He'll freak out :scr: :uuu :hr: :ttt
Scary story lover
Comments: 2
#5 Scary story lover 2014-10-10 12:17
Poor grammar, but it was a great story. :uuu :wiz:
Comments: 6
#4 Poopsie 2014-10-08 15:01
Tiny was right. There were a LOT of grammer issue's and I still don't get who was in the room. It was scary though, and was that story real? :i:
dairany pineda
Comments: 1
#3 dairany pineda 2014-05-30 15:53
do you still live their is this true? :ttt :ttt :cry: :o :i: :g: :scr: :shock:
Comments: 5
#2 Ari'ana 2014-05-30 15:17
:shock: OH MY GAWD
Comments: 1
#1 tiny 2014-05-29 01:51
From what I could make out of the story it was ok. Fairly scary. But the grammer needs a LOT of work. It was hard to read because of the poor grammer.

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