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Bonehilda is a magic creature from the game The Sims 3 Supernatural. Lives in a small house, if you ting, she comes out. She’s a sort of housemaid. She looks like a female skeleton dressed as a housemaid. If someone wants to raise her, I know how to do it. 

You’ll need:  

  1. Bell (any)
  2. A piece of paper
  3. Candle (any)
  4. Hair lock (your own, 3-4 cm)
  5. Pocket glass

Well, let's begin. Put a piece of paper on the floor at 9 p.m. Scatter hair on it, do not let drop a single hair on the floor. Light a candle and fire hair. The main thing is not to burn a piece of paper through and through. Put the candle on the floor. Then whisper the following 4 times: “Bonehilda, come to me through power of evil, protect me against any devil”. Close your eyes, put the pocket glass to your face and keep eyes closed about 20 seconds. Then open your eyes. You’ll see your reflection in the mirror, and Bonehilda behind your back.  

Do everything you want to. The main thing is not to be afraid and not hit the panic button. She has no right to do ill. She can help you with household chores. If you want to call her, ring the bell.  

Tips: if you decided to raise her with your friends, then put their hail locks on the piece of paper too. You should say the spell together, but only one of you should look in the mirror, everyone should close their eyes, otherwise, only she who closed her eyes would see her. Everyone should have a bell. It’s better not to pester her for nothing or else she’ll take offence and leave…


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Coooooool im gonna try it

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