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The dead man is near

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Greetings to all of you! I want to tell you a story that happened to my aunt - she is my mom’s sister, her name is Martha, and at that time she had a 6-month-old daughter Alex. Here is the story. 

Aunt Martha, her husband and their daughter left their house for a few days to visit their parents. Later when they came home, they saw that someone had broken into the house and had a party there when they had been away. The house was a mess, but nothing was missing. They lived in a village, so there wasn’t much that someone could take from the young family in those years. 

The same evening, aunt’s husband went to work on the night shift, leaving his wife and daughter at home. Everything was fine, my aunt tidied up, took out the trash left after uninvited guests and they began to prepare for bed. They went to bed, my aunt put her daughter beside her. Around midnight, she was awakened by a loud tramping, as if a small child was running in the hallway. My aunt checked - the front door was closed, the hallway was empty. Fear seized the woman, and without hesitation she fully hid under the covers pressing her daughter to her chest. In a few minutes later terrible things started happening. A child started running in the hallway again, now she even heard him crying, someone knocked on the door and pulled the door handle. It lasted until 6 a.m. (it was spring). With the dawn my aunt ran to relatives and called the police. Investigation began. 

It turned out that before the arrival of the young family, a fight had broken out among people who’d got into their house. A guy had been killed and his buddies shoved him under the bed. So my aunt spent the night, not knowing that a dead man was beneath her. 

dead under the bed

Grannies say it was a boggard, trying to warn about the dead under the bed. But who knows what it was? .. 

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