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Death in flesh

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I'll tell you a story that’s happened to us recently. My husband and I have been renting our apartment for a long time, and from time to time strange things happen there. I notice in the corner of my eye that someone or something passes behind me, I often hear some noises and when I turn around, there’s nothing. 

And my husband notices it. I ask him: "What is it?" He says, "Oh, this is a boggard, a small, plump, good-natured man. He lives in the lower right corner of the room, behind the sofa." But my story isn’t about that. 

So one night we’re going to sleep. I have already dozed off, when suddenly I feel someone's attentive gaze on me, as if someone is calling me.


I slowly open my eyes, and see that a man stands near the wall opposite the sofa. A tall, thin man in a dark suit. Everything seems okay, but his skin is pale, yellow-green color, like that of a dead man, and eyes can’t be seen. I stood up, but there was no one. My husband woke me up in the morning and said: " Come here, look." He was standing near the wall, where I’d seen a man the night before. I came up, looked at the wall and saw a wet dark stain, which smelled of damp and cool. This was a common wall with the neighbor's apartment. I thought that it was strange because the wall didn’t lead out to the street, it was warm and not damp there. I took a sponge and wiped the wall off. 

Then we left to work. The evening went as usual and here again we went to bed. And, please no, I felt the attentive gaze. I opened my eyes and saw that the man was still standing on the very same spot at the wall, and some mustiness was coming from him. I woke my husband up, we looked there but there was no one, but a dark spot appeared on the wall again. We went to sleep in another room. In the morning we were awakened by the doorbell. We open the door and see the police. It turns out a neighbor who lived behind the wall, died three days ago, and his body has been found only today. The next night, the man didn’t show up, and he didn’t appear anymore. We still often notice our boggard but that's another story. Believe it or not, I saw this man. 

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