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Devil’s movie

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You have probably all seen the movie "Ring." So, before one real life incident I was sure that all of this is nonsense and a movie tape cannot kill a person. I was wrong ... 

This happened three months ago. It all started with the fact that for my birthday someone brought a DVD with the movie "Jeepers Creepers" (and we love this movie) and, of course, we decided to watch it. But instead the movie, on the screen was some nonsense: it showed a room, all covered in blood, a lot of blood on walls, ceiling, and floors. There was no furniture in the room. Only one large mirror was hanging on the wall (you know, a vintage mirror with different flourishes and patterns). Strangely, the mirror was not splattered with blood. There was very low light in that room and that is why we didn’t immediately notice two things: on one of the walls it was written in blood "You will be dead" and in the mirror there was a reflection of a handsome man, although the room was empty. That lasted for about five minutes. Nothing was happening. We were about to turn off the TV, when suddenly this man raised his hand and said, almost inaudibly, "Anna." I need to let you know that there were four of us there: Anna, Alex, Lisa and Peter. Why am I using past tense? Because they all died. All but me. But I know it is coming for me too. I'm sure ... 

But let’s get back to that damn evening. Anna got very scared, and we began laughing and reassuring her, saying that it was all a silly coincidence and that she should forget about it. Anna has always been interested in mysticism and was sure that it was not "a silly coincidence” and that something bad was supposed to happen. She said she wanted to go home. We never saw her after that… Only three days later they found her body floating in the river. But the police said that it did not look like murder. We were all stunned. Anna would never commit suicide. 

It's been two weeks since that terrible day. I was cleaning in my room and I found this DVD in a closet. I decided to watch it again. Everything was the same, but now the man uttered the name "Alex." I started to panic. I ran to the phone, dialed Alex’s number and told him to immediately come to my house. When Alex came, I told him about what I saw a half hour ago. But Alex said that I was still under the impression of everything that had happened recently and it was all in my head. He said that he would go home and on the way will throw this movie in the nearest garbage can. He told me to stay home and go about my day. And he left.  

Four days later I received a call from Peter who told me that Alex was gone. He was found hanged in his living room. At the same time he had cuts on his wrists. But the police did not find any traces of a murder. To them it looked like suicide. At his funeral, I heard his aunt (and Alex lived without his parents) said that in the DVD-player they found a strange disc, and there was a man in that video who said quietly, "Lisa" ... I looked at Lisa and I saw how she got all pale. We decided to go home together.  

As we walked down the street, we had the following dialogue:  

- I think it is all about the disk. - Lisa said.  

- Where is this coming from?!  

- After the death of Alex I hear someone calling my name. And in my dreams I see that man, he calls for me. He tells me that I will like it here, that my friends and my parents are waiting for me and…  

- You mean he pushes you to commit suicide?! - I interrupted her. - But it's silly, it's just a coincidence! - Although I did not believe in it myself.  

But Lisa as if read my mind and she said:  

- Do not try to calm me down, Kate. You understand everything pretty well. You heard what Alex’s aunt said. He'll still take me to him. Thank you for everything ... 

This was our last meeting. It's been three weeks since the death of Lisa. All these days I’ve lived in fear, knowing that soon he will come for me. One evening I was sitting watching TV and suddenly my phone rang. I looked at the number. Peter. Shiver ran down my spine but I decided to pick up the phone.  

- Peter?  

- I watched that disc again. He said my name. He's waiting for me. Now I realize that Anna, Alex and Lisa committed suicide! It was not murder. Now he's coming for me. He is the devil. He will take our souls. We will all die ... – I heard short beeps. 

That’s it. I realized that he will not rest until he kills us all. Then I gathered some courage and ran to Peter’s place. He was nowhere to be found. Only in his room the TV was working, and on the screen there was that man. Rather, the devil. I saw those cold, evil eyes, he was looking at me. I ran home. Peter’s body was found in the woods. It was disfigured beyond recognition. 

I'm scared...  

It’s been three month since we first watched that DVD. I'm not afraid anymore, I do not care. The last two days I’ve been hearing my name. At night, I see those cold eyes, that devil in human form. He is calling for me… 


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Comments: 5
#28 makenzie 2017-04-02 00:36
that so is me :D :lol:
Kelly Quinn Quincy
Comments: 4
#27 Kelly Quinn Quincy 2017-03-15 17:29
Its kinda Scarry not that much :shock:

What happend next?
Comments: 2
#26 lol 2017-02-03 15:21
Quoting ytft6f6tft6ft6:
So not scary!BTW I start school on my birthday‼❕‼❕‼❕

omg no wayyyyyyy
Comments: 3
#25 Ash 2016-08-10 15:49
:uuu Wow Saw Something Like That My Friend Bought it And Got Murdered :cry:
i will kill you
Comments: 1
#24 i will kill you 2015-11-05 21:12
[quote name="Cody Mayer"]That disc would have been burned to hell if I were them :tt
Comments: 5
#23 Skittles 2015-10-07 11:39
Soooooooo scary help me :uuu :uuu :i: :D :wiz:
Comments: 3
#22 ytft6f6tft6ft6 2015-08-25 04:05
So not scary!BTW I start school on my birthday‼❕‼❕‼❕
Comments: 3
#21 ytft6f6tft6ft6 2015-08-25 04:02
so not scary! btw, i start sc on my birthday!!!!!!!
Screaming lady
Comments: 6
#20 Screaming lady 2015-08-10 08:42
Wait what if it's my birthday and I got the disc but if you think I'm gonna watch that.. F*ck no!
Comments: 1
#19 Ifrah 2015-06-18 11:23
dat picture doe :scr: :scr: :o :eek:
Cody Mayer
Comments: 3
#18 Cody Mayer 2015-06-15 08:08
That disc would have been burned to hell if I were them :ttt
Comments: 1
#17 shane 2015-05-14 17:59
This story got me F***** UP :shock: :i:
sharon lawerence
Comments: 1
#16 sharon lawerence 2015-05-14 16:25
:shock: this is so scary! :scr:
Comments: 8
#15 Scarygurl27 2015-02-19 00:37
Ummm, I'm stuck for words here. Help me out :uuu
Morgan Freeman
Comments: 15
#14 Morgan Freeman 2015-01-28 14:50
Its ok, I didn't need to sleep anyways... :lol:
Comments: 5
#13 Madison 2015-01-22 19:27
Comments: 11
#12 RealBigEvil 2015-01-12 15:07
KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! :shock: :scr: :hr:
Comments: 1
#11 Bubbles 2015-01-06 17:35
HAHA! after the first time the disc is GONEEEEE! :wiz: still a really good story :-)
Comments: 2
#10 reem 2014-12-28 18:07
sooo scared :shock: :i:
Comments: 2
#9 Peyton 2014-12-28 18:06
soooooooo scary :shock: :i:

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