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The Freak show

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Ladies and Gentlemen!! The freak show begins! Let me introduce today’s stars to you! Be horrified! Applause! Be glad! Today the four most sinister and disgusting creatures of the darkness and chaos are going to entertain you!  

Oh, right... Nobody won’t leave this place until the show is ended. Excuse our little whim. Just there were some… precedents. But, I’ve gotten off the subject.  Let me introduce the first trophy of ours…

We founded it in the dirtiest puddle in the neighborhood. We thought it was dead and wanted to show it to you dead as a doornail. However, it began to move in the circus! Mind you … the difference is petty.  

Here comes Disease! *a cage is being carried, there a somewhat of uncertain sex sits, it covered with sores, scabs, blood-streaming wounds, and huge blisters filled with yellowish pus…* 

Just look at it! You can see all possible diseases on the body of this creature! Ha-ha-ha! Isn’t it disgusting, uh? I had better stay rather far off as many of these diseases are contagious! *one of festering blister bursts with a pop; pus has spat at viewing stands, right at springing back spectators* Oh gentlemen! We beg your pardon! *the same blisters start to spread on spectators’ skin* Oh, no, but the disease is fatal, indeed. *empty space has immediately appeared around stricken spectators passed out from the pain* A ghoulish monster! *a flip of whip and bloodcurdling howl creeps in all nooks of the circus* Well now! 

The next object! *the cage with quietly howling Pain had carried away* 

This creature’s life was out of luck. However, I’m wrong! It has luck, a lot of luck! Why, now it can amuse you with its appearance, my dear spectators! We found it on the dusty road around here… with its latest breath! Ha-ha-ha! We haven’t still understood how it stays alive! 

Let's hear it for Hunger! 

*a new cage appeared on the ring. There was something… most of all resembling a skeleton hurry-scurry covered in skin. The place, where a belly should be, was a penetrating hole through which gray bowels were seen.* Look at it! Be horrified! This creature is alive only by the God’s oversight! And now it can amuse you, my dear spectators, with its look! *someone threw a tomato into the back of the monster; Hunger jumped back and caught it in the air, biting it, being unaware of the eaten falling out the hole* Ha-ha-ha! Thank you who threw the tomato for the marvelous entertainment! *people all around started to throw various food into the creature; Hunger caught the best part of if, but then gave it up, powerless. A miraculous tear rolled down from the creature’s wrinkled brown dry eyes* Ha-ha! That’s enough! You overfeed it, after all! Well now! It has enough for today! *the cage with drooping Hunger had carried away* 

The next monster… A special story! Once we were driving by gladiatorial arena when a body poked with arrows was thrown away. As we got to know later, it had torn all its rivals and tried to get into stands to feast with spectators… They managed to stop it with discharge of all archers of the arena, besides, it did nothing, but waved the most part of arrows! We took the body and rode further. But the most frightful thing happened afterwards! In several days I oversaw it opened its eyes and began to take out arrows from its body! Wounds had been healed before my very eyes! Well, my dear spectators… You could not visit our circus, ha-ha-ha! And now… 

Here it comes! A machine for murders! W-a-a-a-r! *they’re carrying a cage completely different from the others. Its bars, each of human hip in thickness, were installed with thin long thorns turned inwards. A heap of muscles was inside. Veinous, covered with scars, the skin was slightly seen through them. However, the overproportionate small head was bluish white and hadn’t a single scar* Feel its primitive power! Almost each of wounds, which left these scars, would be mortal for each of you, ladies and gentlemen! *meanwhile the bodies of spectators infected with pus of Disease had been carried away* Gentlemen! I have an idea! Row 18! Let’s make a bit of noise! Jump, scream! Call the monster. And I ask others… to keep silent. Come on! Come on! the 18th row appeared in the spotlight and started to make noise and jump, and call the monster* Ha-ha-ha! Don’t stop… it starts to move! *War opened its completely red eyes and started to peer into that row* And now… Stop and look! *All of a sudden War jumped to the edge of the cage, directed at the stop dead row and got claws into the cage bars paying no attention to thorn piercing its hands* Don't get rattled! The cage is damage-proof! *it had shaken the bars over a minute, but no sound came out. War returned in the middle of the cage, leaving blood and some shreds of skin upon the thorns* Ha-ha-ha! Out of luck, once again! Get it away… *the cage with War still gazing at that row, was taken away* 

Well… The last monster for today. The most dismal creature of the darkness... The most dangerous among all of them. As the saying goes, you can see it only once… Let’s face it – Death. And face your death… 

The host sneered and shape-shifted into its true disguise. Under the hood impenetrable darkness opened wide its eyes at benumbed spectators… 

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freaky!!!! bella
Comments: 20
#2 freaky!!!! bella 2014-08-06 07:05
Quoting love hate:
I loved it but being a freak of my on I don't like how the mad them suffer like that but it dose sound realisticly scary even if they did that in the past its still creepy to think of how seriously mesed up that is but still creepy and fun so good job :D :P

I love freaks, what's special about you?
love hate
Comments: 2
#1 love hate 2014-07-12 08:47
I loved it but being a freak of my on I don't like how the mad them suffer like that but it dose sound realisticly scary even if they did that in the past its still creepy to think of how seriously mesed up that is but still creepy and fun so good job :D :P

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