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Prophetic dream

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She woke up in a room. Again. Dark, with no windows. Only a metal door that she couldn’t break. Silence, heavy and viscous, was in the room. She heard the sound of her own heart. And then add to that the fear, sticky, heavy, constant fear.  

Suddenly, the silence was cut like butter by some steps. No, they were not human. But they were approaching. Suddenly the sound of claws on metal added to the steps. Definitely there was something behind the door, and that something wanted to enter. And she sat on the bed, counting the endless minutes and waited for the dawn. Time seemed an eternity to her. Her heart was pounding really fast; fear has gotten a hold of her forcing her to look at the door and to feel the stare of this creature. And then ... She woke up. 

Mary looked around and found herself in her bed with a blanket. Again she had that nightmare, the same one that was torturing her for over a month. Each time Mary was stayed asleep longer and had a harder time waking up. She did not believe in the paranormal and she did not ask for any outside help. Perhaps she will regret this mistake, but it will be later. And now Mary started getting ready for work and left the house. It was November 15, 2013.  

As expected at work things were crazy. Her boss only gave her more to do and went about his business. Contrary to the usual course of things, I will not tell you about Mary’s appearance. You can make it up as you wish. But back to her. The whole day she worked and worked, and the pile of work did not get any smaller. Finally, the working day was over and she went home. And strange things began on the way home. First, her car started only from the third try. It stopped a couple of times even though it was brand new. Then on the way home Mary saw an old lady. By looking at her it was obvious that the woman was blind. But she looked straight into the eyes of the girl and said: "You will not have a lie in your house, you should get out of it.” Mary just decided that the old lady was crazy.  

At night, she wasn’t able to sleep, she thought that she heard footsteps in the apartment. Several times someone knocked, but she didn’t see anyone in the peephole. Sometimes her cat hissed into a corner, and then fearfully clung to her as if it was afraid of what was lurking in the room. Of course the dream came back again. This time Mary woke up at 3 in the morning. I hope that many people know about why this is a bad time. For the ignorant - in the period from 12 to 3 o’clock ghosts are most active and waking up at this time, you risk meeting one. But Mary was lucky - she saw only a shadow running away into a dark corner. As if in it there was darkness itself, there was evil. And something very sinister waited for her in the corner. Again, fear - sticky, nasty, starting at the neck and paralyzing the whole body. 

Maria lay in bed and looked in the corner, knowing that there is something terrible there. She could not take her eyes off and soon her heart started pounding, and her eyes rounded in horror. From that darkness a pair of eyes was staring at the girl. A shadow came out of the darkness and started approaching the girl. Maria lost consciousness. And she came to only in the morning and attributed it to nerves. 

The next evening, she decided not to sleep at night at all, so as not to see that horrible nightmare. By the way, it was Friday and Mary sat down to watch TV. Then she realized that she would have to sleep anyway, and turned off the TV. And then... She heard footsteps coming from the kitchen, as if someone was carefully crawling around. Another step. Then a floor tile in the hallway creaked. Mary froze in horror. It became very cold. There was steam coming from the girl's mouth and she slowly shrank into a ball of fear. Then she saw a gaunt, long-fingered hand. In the light of the lamp it was very easy to see. Click. There is no light. In the corner of the room, in that place of something terrible, sinister, evoking fear at the mere thought of it, in that corner something moved. Lots of shadows, similar to skeletons, rather than people moved out of the corner. Suddenly there was a howl in the street. Creepy, scary. The girl was getting really cold. And then ... 

Knock, knock. 

Maria screamed softly. Someone kept knocking on the door, harder and harder, and she was afraid that the door would not stand. Suddenly, the walls of the room have become dark, a window was gone, everything was gone, and there was only an uncomfortable bed and the door. A heavy steel door. Not a sound. Silence. Mary’s ears were ringing. And here they were. The steps with the sound of claws on the door. Only now there was also whispering. It was difficult to make out anything, but the creature behind the door was saying something like 'let me in, we will still get to you.' Kick. And again. And again.  

And then the kicks came every second, but the door did not budge. In the distance, Mary heard the alarm. But the darkness in the room began to thicken, and the girl could not see anything anymore. She was scared. With incredible difficulty she forced herself to wake up. Everything in the room was as usual. Or not everything? In that corner, which was the darkest at night she could see some scratches. No, it was not a cat, it ran away from Mary. The scratches belonged exactly to those critters that bothered her at night. The girl was completely broken. 

Work, work, work ... Mary was so busy that she had completely forgotten about her nightmare. All she did was work. Occasionally she spoke to her colleagues. That's it. 

Many people say: my house is my fortress. Our heroine thought so too. But now, in the late afternoon, she was afraid to go home. Alas, she had no choice so she went home. It was surprisingly quiet, the house was silent. No sounds of the elevator, no noise from the neighbors. Silence. Arriving at the apartment, the girl screamed. From the corner there was coming a whisper, and a creature with a horrible grin from ear to ear (almost, because it had no ears) was looking at her. Sharp teeth in several rows. Black holes for eyes. It seemed that there was darkness itself, the evil itself. 

Proportional limbs, which was very strange, long claws. The creature licked its lips and jumped on her. She lost consciousness. And woke up in that room. And suddenly the hair on her head moved. The door was open, and behind it ... pitch dark. And the creature that was crawling carefully to that door as if anticipating the enjoyment of a meal.  

There was no escape. Mary did not set her alarm. The creature came up to her and started tearing off small pieces of flesh off of her. Nobody could hear the girl, no one could help her… The sound of the alarm brought the girl back. She got up, surprised by a strange dream, and went to work. The calendar showed November 15, 2013...

A few days later they will find her torn up body, and will begin an investigation. Of course, they will not find the killer and the case will be closed.  


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i did not understand....... :oops:
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#1 rose 2014-06-24 07:51
That same to my nazi grandma. Btw im trowing out somthing im 11 and when i was 8 me my mom my dad my 2 bros moved into a house and always i went to the stairs or my closet at like 3a
M. In my closet open blood came in room and a message in the blood it always says. "Met me in the hidout it was my cloeset i did and i did later when 9 we learned a girl died she fell in stairs

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