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A Scary Diary

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This record was found by my friend on a hard disk of a computer, which he bought on the black market. The record was in the form of the electronic diary. 

“Recently me and my friend came across an information about "death letters" in a network. It was a question of investigating a series of mysterious murders that happened in St. Petersburg. Each of the victims received such letter on e-mail. To my deepest regret, I didn't manage to get at least one copy of the letter. 

My thoughts plunged into the abyss of mad passion, after all I know how people should play in small madness. At the beginning I registered on many "bustard websites" (I mean sites for tyrants, psychopaths, maniacs). I entered there real data, beginning from my phone number up to apartment number. I hoped that something would happen soon. 

And finally I did it. Today I received a message on e-mail containing the following text: "Hello, my dear friend, yesterday I watched you in the park. Honestly speaking, I thought you would notice me as I was so close to you so many times. You wrote on one of the forums that you are looking for something extreme. Remember that I write on one of them. So I will give you such possibility but it will be only you, who will be responsible for consequences". It shocked me much, and then I felt inexpressible pleasure of the fact that someone is trying to trick me. A smile occurred on my face at this thought. Today I am going to visit my friend and tell him about that. I think he will be glad and we will accompany the fellow together. 

The next letter frightened me to the horror: I found a file enclosed to the words of a goner, whom he was in my opinion. This was a photo. A young girl was shot on it. It was hard to say how many years she was for she didn’t look like a human on it. 

Her head was bald, the jaw heel was absent, a horror froze in her eyes. Faugh! I am still feels sick – I spent long time in a toilet. The last line contained this: "If you show it to him, you will regret very much". Who was this "him"? Does he mean my friend Mike? How could he know about him?! After all even if he saw me, I met Mike in cafe in the evening only. Does he really watch me? Now it doesn’t look like an innocent joke at all – the photo was too real. But I can't give a photo to police now for I am afraid for my friend. 

Today in the morning I shirked university with a girl and received an SMS message on the phone. The number wasn't defined. I heard that it is possible to do this. The message said: "She is pretty!" What a fuck?!! I stood up and looked around: it was too crowded around and nearly half of the people held mobile phones in hands. The girl who accompanied me probably took me for a madman – I would do the same on her place. No matter how sorry I was she didn't agree to go out with me any more... 

I had waited the next letter on e-mail for a week – and here it was. There were few words in the letter. I didn't want to read nonsense. I began to look for something like a photo – I found nothing, then I came across the phrase: "Today there will be a performance for you." What performance I didn't assume at all... 

In the evening I went to club. We ordered a table – one girl had a birthday. I tried to cast away all bad thoughts and drunk too much. Honestly speaking, I got free from evil and notions thoughts. I even pulled the b-day girl’s bird – she was so pretty. I wanted to take her number but I left the phone at home. Well, I was not embarrassed and suggested her to move into more intimate place, the answer was "yes." We reached my district quickly on taxi. "Let's take some wine?" - she offered. I gave her keys without thinking twice and immediately departed to store. There were no people in the store for it was half past three o’clock in the morning. It is hard to meet drunk in our store in spite of its night work. I took a big bottle of red wine, a box of candies and contraceptives. Leaving a booth, no, taking off from it, I crashed into a man. He kept silent, and I blurted out: "Excuse me, I hurry!" I flew up on the third floor as if I was stung. I opened the door by foot undressing on my way, and rushed into a bedroom. To my astonishment, the girl sat as frozen, her eyes were large. It seemed she saw a ghost. I tried to begin a conversation. She silently looked at the monitor with Skype activated. Ten seconds passed and the girl fell down from a chair. I brought her into consciousness for about half an hour. When she woke up, she grabbed a bottle of wine and drained it completely. Then she took breath and I described what she saw. 

Having entered the apartment, she came into a bedroom as it was lit. She heard a ring to me on Skype. At first Tara didn't answered it, but than she pressed "Answer" on the second time. The effect was awful: at first a voice told about performance, then the webcam lens was turned to a bed. A tied 15-years-old boy sat on it. The man spoke voice-over, but words were illegible. Then the face of the guy was warped by horror and the shot (from what - unclear) thundered. The head of the guy could be assembled as a fresco now. 

Tara started interrogating me fixedly about what was that. I turned this all into a joke explaining it by an installation. But she seemed not to believe me because she said quietly leaving my flat: "Loony". Having entered the apartment I remembered the words about the coming performance from the message. 

About a week nothing happens. Probably, somebody really tried to trick me and I believed. I was bored all day long being at university. After lessons I drank beer with friends and then went home. Having turned on the computer, I saw the message on e-mail. Having opened it, I found out the next bull shit saying that "he is near and the game is on". Having scrolled the message down I found a video. I probably turned gray from horror: the girl who had earlier visited my apartment was on video. The show seen by me beat off my appetite for a week – there were her giblets everywhere. This time... oh, I would just say that beats of scrap have dreadful consequences for the head. And when the scene begins with "her ribs plus scrap"... I had nearly wet my panties in horror, I had been puking for three hours. I didn't know what to do. To go to police? But I had only a photo and letters as material evidences. They will say it is all just a trick. What should to do? 

My affairs took on an ugly look. My friend Mike missed. Me and my friend were searching for him hardly, we rang all his natives... Full ass!!! It was silent for a week: not a message, or a call in Skype. In the evening, having bought beer, I sat down at the computer. I feel anxious about Mike, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. That night HE called me for the first time. He suggested seeing each other; otherwise, the following record will be with Mike featuring. He added that we need to talk without police. I had no other way out. I decided to take a knife. I will leave a record if I stay alive tomorrow... 

(A toilet talk) How dare they?! I was meet by a company of friends with Mike on the place of meeting. They kid me and I believed. What a fool I was! Though they didn’t tell me the truth about their performance with the boy and the girl. They say they didn’t know what was I talking about. I looked through the messages in my e-mail once again and deleted them all. At this moment I can state that there is nothing scary on the mad websites. All this is just tales and nonsense of fanatics, the same is with "death files". Today I received an SMS from the phone of the girl who called me a psychopath. She has to come any minute. The only thing got me anxious: Tara was the only person who knew that I receive messages, and the initiator of kidnapping was Mike. How did he guessed that someone frighten me with such a bull shit? So, I finish my record for today, for I see Mike from the window. He probably wants to drink some beer with me... 

The records of the diary stops there.
Nobody knows anything about the owner of the diary. They say he disappeared.
Though it maybe the next tale put in our heads... 

man smeared in blood

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