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An Old Woman with a Carriage

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I rent an apartment in three-storeyed block, which is located in a bedroom district of a city. I used to get out to a balcony to have a smoke if I work until the deep night.

I began noticing an old woman standing with a baby carriage on a rope on the children's playground. She appeared on the different parts of the playground, but she was always there. This fact neither surprised me nor disturbed. People are different – sometimes they are mad.  

I smoked in the darkness on the balcony that night which become critical, and watched her again. At some moment she suddenly turned and looked straight at me. Goosebumps ran through my back. Something in her look being lit by a lamp seemed awful to me. It was not simply awful, but really horrible. Though I can’t said what exactly frightened me. This was not a human face, though it was similar. I rushed into the room and slammed the balcony door. I turned on the TV in a hall and began coming round slowly. 

Five minutes later somebody began ringing my door’s bell. This person didn’t wait until I came up to the door and began knocking it hardly. An awful horror occupied me for someone was really trying to break an iron door open at three o'clock in the morning! I grabbed my bat, came up to an exit and started shouting toilet words, warning a stranger that I called to the police so that uninvited guests should immediately go away. But they seemed not to listen to me – the knocking proceeded for five minutes more and then everything suddenly calmed down.  

I decided to go to a bed. I placed the bat near the bed. Soon someone began throwing stones to my window from outside. It is hard to describe my mood in that moment. For some reason I hadn’t called the police. So, I didn’t sleep till morning.  

Since that very day the situation didn’t repeat. Now I will never go out to the balcony in the night. This old woman with a baby carriage may be on the playground.  


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