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I never believed in all this paranormal stuff. But in 2008 I had to change my outlook on life. I haven’t shared this with anyone until now. In 2008 I bought everything I’d dreamed of, an apartment and a car.  

My friends and I agreed to meet at the cemetery to commemorate our friend’s memory. In 2008, a month before the incident, he was shot near his house in front of his wife, who was in the car with an infant. At the cemetery my friends and I couldn’t find each other. We tried to call each other’s cell phones but it was unsuccessfully, the network didn’t work properly. It was getting dark. I was hiking between graves.  

Cemetery at night

I seemed to be close to the right place. I slipped on the freshly dug earth and besmirched my expensive suit falling on one of the graves, where a simple wooden cross with a photo was erected. I went back to the car, lit a cigarette ... I had almost decided to go home, when suddenly I heard a voice very close to me. A woman with a swollen face, who seemed to be homeless, was standing nearby and was trying to say something. I gave her a few banknotes, got into the car and drove away. 

The apartment I’d bought was in a state of neglect, to put it mildly. In 3 weeks I had the walls plastered, floor screed made and false ceilings set. What concerns furniture, I managed to buy a mattress, a table, four chairs, a refrigerator, a computer, and some small things. After returning from the cemetery, I called my fellows, and we agreed to move commemoration to the next weekend.  

It was my first night in this apartment. I fell asleep fast. I had a dream, as if I woke up in the middle of the night from unusual sounds. In the dark, in the corner of the room, I noticed something strange. I climbed off the mattress and walked closer. A gnarled woman was sitting in a dark corner and eating something. I put my hand on her shoulder. She turned abruptly and loudly wheezed. Her mouth was smeared with blood, and there was a child’s hand in her hands. This made me wake up immediately. The next day I felt frustrated and sick. 

I constantly heard strange sounds in the apartment. I was often awakened at night by someone’s steps. 

Our meeting at the cemetery was rescheduled to a month later due to some circumstances. One night I couldn’t fall sleep for a long time. I turned the TV on and watched it till midnight. Then I was lying in the dark, for about 15 minutes. Suddenly I heard shuffling footsteps in the hallway that were approaching my bedroom. A silhouette of a woman appeared in the doorway. She moved slowly towards me. I had shivers up and down my spine. Is this a dream? - I asked myself. The woman knelt down and crawled to the mattress. I felt her hands on my legs. In horror, I couldn’t move. She crawled to the mattress and stretching her neck she began trying to reach me. In the darkness I could see her face - open toothless mouth, swollen face and soft wheezing. I threw the blanket aside and jumped to my feet. Everything disappeared. 

I packed my stuff and that night I spent in the car. In the morning I went to live to my sister’s. I stayed with her for a week and a half. Finally, my friends and I managed to meet at the cemetery. Everybody had to drive, but we still drank a few shots to commemorate our friend. We started talking. Dennis told me that the apartment I’d bought so cheap was bad. Before me, it belonged to some boozer woman, who had been drinking so much with her buddies, that one day she’d devoured her children (there were 2 of them). But she wasn’t put in jail, she just didn’t survive to face the trial. Drunk, she fell from the balcony. Here’s her grave! – Dennis walked 10 meters, and showed me the grave, which I fell on earlier. I looked at an inclined cross and saw the photo, I was horrified. It was the homeless woman that had come to me weeks before. Dennis himself heard the story from his aunt Amy not so long ago. I didn’t tell my story to anyone. I didn’t come back to that apartment. A month later I sold it … 

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