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Mysterious foreteller

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This incident happened in one of the British villages. Young boys went fishing. They started a fire near the river, and were having fun and chatting, while trying to fish. But they couldn’t catch anything. Finally, they got fed up and decided to go home. 

They almost reached the village, when one of the boys remembered that he had forgotten his father’s fishing rod on the bank of the river. He ran back to get it, because he knew that if his father finds out, he’ll get in trouble, which didn’t sound very promising. That’s why he had to return. We didn’t follow him, because we didn’t want to go, and only one of his friends ran after him, while the rest of us continued to walk slowly towards the village. On our way we told each other horror stories, and then jokes. 

scary house

Nobody lived in the house that greeted you first when you entered the village. Sometimes you could see local alcoholics playing cards here, but at night it was often empty, only rarely some guy, whose wife didn’t let him in, would come here to sleep. But that night it was obvious that someone was in the house. When the boys saw a shadow of a man, they realized that they didn’t know him, he wasn’t one of the locals. It seemed that the stranger was searching for something. The boys heard a loud noise coming from inside the house, the stranger was throwing things and saying something. Suddenly he threw something heavy in the window. With a squeal, two boys ran away, while other two others remained standing still entranced. The stranger looked out of the window but his face wasn’t visible. He started muttering. They boys didn’t understand anything, and, terrified, they asked them an again. The only phrase they managed to hear was – ‘already drowned’. After that, the stranger seemed to dissolved into thin air. Immediately after that, they heard the shouts of their parents, who went together to look for their children, since it was already night, but no one knew where their kids were. 

The boys told about the mysterious man in the house, and about what he had said. Parents immediately ran to the river to look for the children, and the father of one of the boys began to search the house. Oddly enough, he found no one in the house, even more surprising was the fact that apart from the broken glass, everything else in the house was the same. 

The boys, who had gone to get the fishing rod, were found only in the morning. They were drowned. 

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#1 loky 2014-06-25 04:21
always love this kind of atmosphere on a story, y know dark, and maybe rain, small village, houses..'sleepy hollow' kind, or 'the conjuring' kind, or this kind...this is great story

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