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Funeral omens

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You should place in the hands of a deceased a candle - hot wax destroys the black energy. Thus, the soul of the deceased will have it easier to separate from the body.  

Good people die easily, bad ones – heavily, in agony. Good people die in their sleep, unconsciously, quickly. Demons, though, remove a human soul from the body with pain. The dying is agonizing on his bed, tearing at his hair, screaming, moaning. 

If a sorcerer dies, you need to make a hole in the ceiling - people that are associated with witchcraft, die the hardest. Unlike ordinary people, sorcerer’s soul cannot escape the usual way – through a door or a window. That is why, for them you need to make a hole in the ceiling. If you don’t do that, the sorcerer will suffer for three days, and then his soul will get out through the chimney. 

You shouldn’t approach a dying sorcerer - before death a sorcerer must pass his gift to another person. He can do it in two ways – at someone’s will or against it. If someone decided to become a sorcerer, he can get this gift a year before the death of the sorcerer.  

If the sorcerer has not found a successor, then he can pass his gift to an unsuspecting person. He can do it in silence, just with a touch of a hand. 

The linens of the deceased should be burned. At the moment of death black energy is released, so the linens of the deceased should be not washed, but burned, especially feather duvets and pillows.  

If a bird flew into the room, or knocking with its beak on a window – it’s an omen of death. A few days before dying, a person begins to emit special rays. Birds feel them and fly in to warn people about it. Birds are more intelligent creatures than we think. If a person dies in a room, you need to cover with black cloth the flowers, bird cages, an aquarium and so on - otherwise the deceased will take them with him to the other world. 

After washing you need to put a cup of salt on the chest of the deceased, or better put a bucket or a bowl with salt under the bench, on which the coffin is. And on top of the salt you should put a pair of scissors. After the washing you need to go around the coffin three times a lighted candle - hot wax kills black energy.  

If the coffin is not made to size, wait for a second death.  

If the body of the deceased takes long to cool down, or his eyes are open and the mouth - soon he will take one more person with him. You need to close his eyes with your hand and put coins on top of them.  

You should bury and pray for the dead before noon.  

After the coffin was carried out of the house – you need to destroy the remaining energy of the deceased.  

You should bury people with their feet to the east.  

If a funeral procession caught under the rain – it is a good omen, as the nature mourns over that person as well.  

How to bury people who committed suicide. Suicide is the most grievous sin of a man. You should bury these people behind the cemetery fence.  

To find a drowned body, you need to place in the water a loaf of bread with some mercury inside, and it will stop right above the body – bread with mercury will stops at the place where the person drowned.  

If a person died during Passover, he will go straight to heaven. Passover is a great holiday and during that time the gates of heaven are open to all.  

You should not be whistling in the house – you will have no money. Whistling attracts black energy, like diseases, failures, problems, including money problems. Evil spirits communicate with each other by whistling.  

If a person went on a long journey, for a day you cannot wash the floor in the house - floors are cleaned only when you don’t want that person to come back.  

 Funeral omens

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#1 Believer 2014-10-08 07:39
Or there is a very easy way- burn the dead body. Its a ritual for Hindus. Only those who die from an unnatural cause (premature death, still born babies, poisoning etc) are buried according to Hinduism. Also the room that belonged to the dead is cleaned and the clothes are either destroyed or donated. By burning the body we detach all the earthly connections of the deceased. Also special prayer sessions and rituals follow up monthly (till the first anniversary) and then yearly on the date of death.

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