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My death

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I died on December 31st 2012. Our life here is the same as yours. Let me tell you what it’s like to die.  

I died foolishly. My friends and I went for a walk in the evening. The mood was festive and we had a few drinks. Fiiine. We drank a lot, but it was New Year’s Eve! Well, so what that I'm 15? Well, it does not matter. Well. We played “dare”. I had to walk on a frozen river while shouting: "I'm freee like a bird in the sky." Well, so I went. I already reached the middle of the river. From the shore I could still hear my friends laughing. Suddenly I realized that something was wrong! It all happened so fast. Too fast. The ice began to crack, and I fell in. I fell into the icy water. My lungs got filled with water. It was very painful. Then I plunged into darkness. 

It seemed as if an eternity went by, but actually an hour passed. Here I stand over my body. It just got pulled out. My blue hair now suited my frozen body. My piercing looked too stupid, and my tattoos became brighter. Cool. Next to me my suddenly sober friends were crying. Beside me, my mother knelt weeping. Dad patted her on the back and kept saying that everything will be fine. I looked at them and began crying too. I could not believe that I’ve lost everything! Everything and everyone. There, at home, lies my guitar, my favorite books. I just wanted to go home. But instead I got to court. Yes, yes, yes. They decided where to send me. 

An angry lady was weighing stones on the scales. White stones - my good deeds, and black ones - bad. This went on for quite a long time. I just stood there and watched. Suddenly, I was thrown out of the courtroom. I found myself in some room. There were people sitting at the table and crying. Among them there were my relatives and friends. I looked at the calendar. It turned out that it has been 40 days since the incident. I just looked at my mother, as I was again transported into the courtroom.  

The angry lady stood up and said:  

- So, Miss Anna, we weighed all the stones. And we are not too happy with the results. Your good deeds are the same as bad. So, we are not sure where to send you.  

Suddenly a man ran into the hall with red skin and horns and shouted:  

- Hey, you forgot something! Her last bad deed! She died while she was drunk!

Instantly another black stone appeared on the scales and bad deeds outweighed the good ones.

- Well, this makes things easier. You are going to hell. 

The last thing I saw was the face of the Judge. Then I plunged into darkness. I woke up in a small room. I was lying on an old bed with a rusty spring. Beside me there was a table and a chair. That was all the furniture. I had a terrible headache and my bones ached. I got up and tried to find the door. I couldn’t find it. Then I realized that I wanted to eat something. Strange, because I used to think that the dead do not need anything. But my hunger was horrendous. Suddenly on the wall a door appeared and opened. My mind got dizzy. I was driven by hunger. I went out. My eyes got blinded by the light of a lantern. It was a night time outside. Suddenly I noticed a young boy. He approached me and asked:  

- Lady, you look very strange, you are very pale, do you need help? 

Then everything happened like in a dream. I pounced on him and started eating him. I started tearing off chunks of his flesh with my sharp teeth. His warm blood filled my mouth. I ate and I like it. After eating, I threw the boy’s body and realized what I had done. I felt disgusted. I passed out again. I woke up in the same small room. Once I got up the memory of what had happened rushed into my head. Here I died, here I'm in court, here I'm in a room, and here I’m eating a boy. I cringed. Suddenly I realized something. I was dead, and that the boy saw me. But you can’t see the dead… Suddenly a full length mirror appeared in my room, so I went and looked in it. 

There was something incredible in it. I looked as the girl I was before puberty: long blond hair, green naïve eyes, clear skin without tattoos and piercings and a little shorter than when I died. The only difference is that I was very pale, very pale, with bags under my eyes and long sharp teeth sticking out of my mouth. Suddenly the door reappeared and a man around 40 years old entered the room. He looked normal, except for red horns. He smiled ominously:  

- Well, did you have enough to eat? - He asked.  

- Where am I? What is wrong with m

- You're in Hell. What's wrong with you? Ha-ha-ha!! - He laughed. - What's wrong with you? You're dead and you're in Hell, girl. We've got rules here. I was sent to tell you about them. You can call me a teacher. So, for starters – forget what you know about Hell. We have no fires, boilers and old boring tortures. We've got a strict regime here. You choose a job and work it for eternity. Also it is forbidden to go into the world of the living and eat them, but in the beginning it’s ok so that a newcomer got stronger. If you are guilty, then some torturing comes into force. For example, you get skinned alive so you can feel it, and then everyone, including you eats your skin and meet. Then everything grows back. So here are our rules. - With these words he threw me a book and left.  

I was still in shock. I picked up the book. It was very thick and heavy. There were some very stupid rules in it, for example, you can’t say the word "god", can’t curse more than 10 times per day, and so on. The list was very long. While I was reading the book two days went by. I got hungry. Then the "teacher" came with a suitcase. He gave me another book. And he said that I had to choose the profession. He left the suitcase and walked out. The professions were stupid and horrible. They were some of the most difficult and annoying jobs in the world. I chose a more or less normal job. I had to clean up the streets in Hell. Then I opened the suitcase, and it was filled with raw meat. I happily ate it. A lot of time has passed. My parents died long ago. All that time I have been cleaning the streets and following the rules. One day the "teacher" came and said with a smile:  

- Well, girl, you have worked out your last sin. You worked diligently and complied with the rules. Only I know that you are dreaming to get to your parents in heaven, dreaming of getting out of here. So, the last stone was removed, now the good deeds outweigh the evil. Now you will go to Heaven.

I thought it was a joke, but I was wrong. I got to the courtroom again. Now on the scales white stones outweighed the black ones. The judge said smiling:  

- Welcome to Heaven.  

Everything became light, and then I found myself on a beautiful meadow. There I was greeted by my weeping parents and friends. I can tell you about my life in Heaven, but that's a whole other story. 

my death

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Comments: 11
#9 RealBigEvil 2015-05-13 11:54
Do a story on her life in heaven please!!!
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#8 fbvsdfbhdjbvfdjkhv 2015-05-07 20:22
do u know spongeboob is 28 years old, and this story was scary, :ttt
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#7 fbvsdfbhdjbvfdjkhv 2015-05-07 20:21
wow scary. :ttt also... do u ppl know spongeboob is 28 years old. wow lol :lol:
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#6 RandomUser456 2015-05-04 01:12
I really enjoyed this story, particularly due to the realism within it. I feel as if it has a certain truthful creativity to it. 5/5
Morgan Freeman
Comments: 15
#5 Morgan Freeman 2014-11-03 16:53
Awesome story :D
I enjoyed reading it all the way to the end, Hat's off to you sir!!!
:D :lol: :-) 8) ;-) :o :P :roll:
Comments: 2
#4 Bb 2014-09-18 15:37
Great job :)
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#3 Alec 2014-08-21 15:33
Pretty interesting story. The picture was very intriguing.
Comments: 4
#2 Melany 2014-08-21 11:54
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#1 Melany 2014-08-21 11:53

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