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Death That Lives Nearby

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The story of one more man who met the Death… 

In early 90-s me and my family lived in the village. Soon all our neighbors decided to move into cities for better life, so we did. Than we were a family of four: me, my husband, and two children. Besides, I was pregnant with our third. I gave Sammy birth in the city. After the maternity clinic we brought him to the rented apartment.  

My husband didn’t manage to find a good job. So three months later he began drinking. One month more he got his shit together and left me for another woman who lived in the city. So, I found myself all alone with three children. I was very short of money, for those sums, that mother had sent me, were enough to pay for the apartment and to buy some food only. Children were often ill, the roof leaked and cheap maggy was the only stuff in a ref. Being short, we starved, froze and did not see any way out!  

Besides, we weren’t lucky to have a good neighbor. It was a 70-years-old woman. She had a malicious face and was always angry of something. She disliked us from the very first sight. My elder children, who ran and made noise, and Sammy, who had often cried, were annoying her. I often heard phrases like “Damned bastards! Why the hell you mother gave birth to so many of you?!” directed to my children. She did not object miscalling even me, using toilet talk.  

Once after a usual hard day I went to bed with thought not to awake any more. I fell asleep and saw a dream. To be more precise I wasn’t sure it was only a dream. Everything in it was so true and close to reality. So, I saw that I was laying in my room. Everything was as usual: furniture, curtains. Children were sleeping in their beds: two elder children slept on the sofa and the junior was sleeping in a baby carriage near my folding bed. Suddenly I heard someone knocking in a door. It was exactly knocking, but not ringing in a bell. I didn’t switch on the light and went to open the door. My inner feeling whispered me I had not to do it. I opened the door and saw my old neighbor standing in the doorway. She got a strange look: her hair was unfasten, even messed up (I had never seen her without a hat). She was dressed in a black long dress. I asked her what she needed from me, but she only smiled instead of answering.  

I stared and her and realized that it was not my neighbor – it was Death that came to take me away… I got frightened and could do nothing: neither shut the door, not chase her away. At that time she entered the apartment and told me that she came to take me away for I wished not to awake any more. I felt a real horror – I couldn’t do it! Who would raise my children than? My elder daughter was 8 years old only, my son has an ill heart, that needed to be cured, and Sammy was still sucking, he will die without me…  

It didn’t take me long to think over the situation. I dropped to my knees before the neighbor and begged her not to take me away for children must not grow without mother. She had mercy and let me live for some time more. She kept silence for several seconds and that added: “Here you are! Now you will always remember me!” and kicked Sammy’s carriage!  

terrible grandmother

Three days later after this strange dream Sammy was placed in the hospital. A serious pathology was revealed that was not discovered by doctors in time. Soon my Sammy died. I suffered a long time, but finally I could cope with the situation. I found a good job and raised my children. Now my elder daughter had her own family. The son is going to marry too.  

What is interesting is that neighbor that visited me in that terrible dream died two days later Sammy’s burial.  

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#3 Lara 2015-11-16 17:06
Wow what a story I mean who would do that ahhhhh HELP MEEEEEEE SOMEONES IN MY ROOOOOOOM
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#2 ThatOneGuy 2014-12-07 21:07
That confused me a bit. I probably need to reread. :-*
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#1 NightmareGirl 2014-09-14 00:39
I guess that was a okay story :zzz

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