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A dress for the daughter

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A woman’s daughter died at the age of 5. Her mother was grieving very much. But as time went on, the pain subsided. The woman gave birth to more children. 13 years passed, and on the day when the dead girl would have turned 18 years old the woman had a strange dream . 

She dreamed about her grown-up daughter coming to her and saying that she was going to marry, but had no wedding dress. She asked her mother to buy a dress and hand it over to her using a car. The woman asked: 

- What car? 

- Tomorrow come out to the first crossroads from our house at noon and count the cars passing by. With the 17th car hand the dress to me. 

The next morning with no hesitation the woman went to a shop, bought a wedding dress and at the appointed hour came to the crossroads. A funeral procession appeared on the horizon, 17th car turned out to be a hearse. The woman followed the procession to the cemetery and found that they were burying a young guy. It is unknown how she convinced the relatives, but she was allowed to put the parcel with the dress in the coffin of the deceased. A few days later, the daughter came back to her mother in a dream. Happy, in her wedding dress and holding hands with her fiance, the deceased guy. 

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#2 lovleyblue 2015-04-25 17:05
that was a good story :-)
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#1 TheWeirdo 2015-02-28 16:56
Not scary but it was good. :/

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