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One day I met a young woman on the train. It was a girl of 25 years old, very beautiful, but sad. It seemed some grief left its mark on her face. She was dressed in all black, so I thought that she had recently buried a loved one. 

But then we started talking, and I didn’t expect her story to be so awful! Her name was Natalie. It turned out that a few months ago, she buried her beloved husband. They had been married for only a little over a year. They married soon after college graduation and lived in their own little house in the countryside. Six months after the wedding, Natalie got pregnant. Harry, her husband, had to find a new job. He really wanted to provide his wife and unborn child with the best. They planned to repair the house where an entire room was to be made into nursery. The couple had already begun to think of interior design and look for furniture and toys, as well as, clothes for the unborn baby. 

Harry was looking for a job for a month. Eventually, he was offered a job in a large company in the city. Harry happily agreed. He was a very promising employee and bosses pinned great hopes on him. Harry always tried to do his best and the bosses quickly noticed such a good worker. Soon he was to be promoted. 

It all happened suddenly. Harry didn’t come home from work, he didn’t call Natalie either. She began to worry and decided to call his office. There she was told that her husband's heart stopped and he died. Doctor, who was called in, confirmed that the death had occurred because of cardiac arrest. 

Parents, together with Natalie, decided to bury their son the next day at the local cemetery. The funeral was modest. There were very few guests and grieving relatives. 

The following days were a nightmare for Natalie. For several nights in a row she dreamed the same dream: her favorite Harry was calling her name and holding out his arms to her. He begged her to save him and dig out of the ground. During the day she had the heebie-jeebies and felt extremely unwell. Finally, she broke down and told husband's parents about everything. They thought that it was for a reason and decided to rebury their son. 

When they arrived at the cemetery and dug out the coffin, the entire inside of the lid appeared to be scratched, and Harry’s body was upside down. Later the doctor said that Harry had been clinically dead and he had woken up in the coffin and suffocated. 

they dug up the coffin

Natalie still feels guilty. She believes that things could have been different. 

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#1 Ink 2014-10-20 14:43
Although creepy this sort of stuff would happen a lot less now today because of regulations we have when one dies but it still happens. Back in the day they would have ropes attached to the wrists of the dead these ropes would go up to a bell so that if the person started to move a grave keeper could go dig them out. Maybe we should have that sort of system now a days?

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