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My Future

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This is my future. I am part of the class of 2017. I went to a fortune teller to see if I would graduate. She told me that no one in my class will graduate, and it is all part of a curse. She told me the legend like the event happened in the past, so that is how I wrote the legend. now you have to pay close attention to my warning. Once you read my future, you will always remember it. It will be embedded in the back of your mind. Now that I have warned you about the future, lets move on to the story. 

The old Nordonia high school had been abandoned many years now. The concrete is cracked, windows are broken and the ceiling is collapsing. The old school hadn’t been torn down because of an old legend. The legend states that on the day the class of 2017 was supposed to graduate a terrible disaster happened. The wind was swirling causing the leaves to be picked up off of the ground, and were dancing in the wind. The wind picked up more and more speed causing the trees to bend as if against its own will. At this point everything happened so quickly, a giant tornado formed in the winds and destroyed everything in its path. The gusty winds seemed to turn a dark red as if it was painted. Chairs, papers and hats were flying in the red winds. Suddenly the winds disappeared, causing chairs, papers and hats to rain down on everyone. After the tornado disappeared the first thing everyone saw was the class of 2017 dead! Flesh and skin ripped off their bones, graduation gowns covered in blood and bits of skin. The truly terrifying thing was when the pure white bones began to rattle. The class of 2017 was back from the underworld! Family, friends, and teachers started screaming in terror and fleeing for their lives in fear that the living skeletons would kill them. The students were wondering why everyone was panicking and finally they saw the terrible truth. The students tried to explain to their loved ones that they wouldn’t be harmed, but no one would listen. When the skeletons tried to leave the school property a magical force prevented them from doing so. It was then that the souls of the skeletons were filled with pure hatred from the fear and disgust of their loved ones. Over the course of many years the once white as snow bones had become stained with the blood of their victims, and the silky gowns had become tattered and torn, like old rags. Whenever a living soul would cross the force field surrounding the school, the force field would then send vibrations into the ground. When the skeletons feel the vibrations underneath their feet they would all race to the poor unfortunate soul that had crossed the force field into their domain. First the victim would be hit in the head with a baseball bat from the schools baseball team. The eyeballs would then be removed carefully,and set aside for later. The skeletons would then feast on the body of their poor helpless victim. Once the skeletons were done feasting, the victim’s bones would rattle and come to life. After the transformation a skeleton would then take a knife in one hand and an eyeball in the other and started to scoop the slimy goo out on the eye. It was almost as if the skeleton were hollowing out the eye, but right behind the iris in the eye is the soul of the once living person, and by scooping out the insides of the eye the soul is released into the atmosphere as an amazing spectrum of lights. The same method is then used on the other eyeball, but instead of releasing their soul, the victims memories are freed. When the trapped memories are finally freed they take the form of a beautiful glowing butterfly. Before the butterfly can get too far a skeleton traps it inside a clear glass jar, they can then see their victim’s memories from the moment they first opened their eyes to the second they took their last breath. So be very careful when you approach an abandoned school for there could be living skeletons inside waiting to steal your soul.......

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Hi and welcome to your worst nightmare... If you tell me your fears then I will write about them to make them almost a reality. I always write when I have inspiration, so world inspire me! No one knows who I am. No one knows what I will write next. No one knows me. I am a mystery. So I will be waiting to turn your tiny fear into your worst nightmare.
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#5 Brooklynn 2015-01-23 19:01
Y'know that if you would put a picture then it would be a lot cooler 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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#4 missmills 2014-09-18 22:19
I enjoyed your story and i will tell you my fear. I am terrified of the unknown, the things you cant see in the dark, what will happen after im dead, when you feel something isnt right and dont know what. Quoting SA17:
I worked hard on this story and would really appreciate it if you would tell me what you thought about it. Thanks
Comments: 4
#3 SA17 2014-06-01 20:01
Thank you for the inspiration :wiz:
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#2 Loralei 2014-05-31 21:53
My worst fear is not the dark , but is in the dark..
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#1 SA17 2014-05-30 19:35
I worked hard on this story and would really appreciate it if you would tell me what you thought about it. Thanks

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