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This mystical story I was told by a friend of mine by the name of Alexander. At that time he was interested in He then took a great interest in radio engineering, and was a regular on the forum created especially on that subject matter. And he told me the following story. 

It happened in the year of 2005. He then lived in Irkutsk city. It was February, minus thirty degrees Celsius outside, it was heavily snowing, the weather was disgusting, and so he spent the whole day at the computer. He was browsing different websites, watching movies, etc. He decided to go to his favorite forum, where he could talk to someone on the topics that interested him. He went there and saw a new topic where someone was asking for help. He had seen such threads before and a couple of times already helped people with advice. When he entered the thread, he saw a huge list of replies for over 200 pages , but the topic was only created a couple of hours ago, and there are not that many people on this site, so it was unclear how that thread got that many responses.  

It was unclear until he read the contents of the topic. The guy, whose nickname was Sasha, wrote that he got a personal message in his inbox from the user Wortex9670, in which he asked him about some sort of replacement parts for the receiver. But the strange thing was that the guy died a month ago of a heart attack, right in front of his computer. As it turned out, he had some inherent heart problems, and so he died at twenty- seven years of age. His girlfriend called for the ambulance because she could not reach him in three days by phone and he wasn’t opening the door either. The apartment got sealed so no one could go there, they took his computer too for the investigation, but his death, as it turned out, was not related to the Internet, even though he passed away right in front of the monitor. And the author of the topic was a friend of the deceased; they lived in different cities and kept in touch via the forum. Basically, because of that incident, many especially anxious people left the forum, and the author got very scared and didn’t know what to do.  

The whole week people kept leaving messages on the thread with the same questions. Soon Admins and Moderators joined in, trying to reach the owner of the site, but he left for a couple of weeks. The thread has already exceeded five hundred pages, and then new threads began to appear. Altogether, there were about 24 messages from the deceased user. Most people were simply nervously curious, but some wanted to get to the truth. Some have suggested that someone might have just hacked his account and was fooling around, but it was a very cruel joke and could lead one to the Court. Started looking for a hacker, but ... soon a topic from the very Wortex9670 appeared on the forum. There was nothing in it though; it was just a blank page. Forum members started exploring it in search of the secrets left behind by a ghost. But Admin got rather tired of it, they started to ban all loud users in fear of losing their jobs, and the topic was sent to gateways, and somehow everything slowly began to subside. 

The owner of the site never found out about what had happened, later the site became to fade, people were leaving the forum, were forgetting about it. The site was loaded with advertising in an attempt to squeeze out at least some money out of it, but it only aggravated the situation. 

Soon the site got almost completely abandoned by all users. It was 2006. But the aftertaste was still there, and the story got spread all over the Internet. And so it reached the person under the nickname Bite (real name Emil). He was into that type of investigations, so such a story was not a novelty for him. This guy was skeptical about ghosts and other mysticism. He found out the website address, created an account, entered the forum, and he saw something strange: all the topics on the forum have been removed. He wanted to blame everything on the Admins, but then he suddenly noticed one active thread. 

He went without hesitation to that thread and saw the same blank topic created by Wortex. He examined it thoroughly and he noticed a barely visible pixel in the corner of the screen, he pointed his cursor there and then something happened that he couldn’t be skeptical about anymore as he saw a video that scared him more than ever... That very Wortex was on the video, he left some kind of message, a note from the other side… It was as if he didn’t know that he was dead, and he was asking where everyone was, he showed his apartment, went to the balcony and showed that there was nobody outside. He was very frightened, he begged to be returned home; it was as if he was in a parallel world... Emil could not believe his eyes; he wanted to help, but how? ... Almost a year has passed since then. What could he do? His thoughts dimmed, he got dizzy, but then tried to calm down ... Silence ... A loud signal interrupted the silence, "You have a new message." Bite automatically pressed the "View” button, it was a message from the Wortex9670. What is there? 

Wortex9670: I want to go home, help me ... Where is everybody? Who are you? What happened to me?  

Bite: Don’t you know?  

Wortex9670: No idea.  

Bite: You died a year ago. 

Wortex9670 is currently offline… 

Emil has experienced a real shock; he blamed himself that he could not help the poor guy. But what could he do?..  

His friend helped him through that strange time, and a month later Emil and his friends demolished the forum. That was the end of it. The story spread all over the internet. On other forums there also appeared a user under the name Wortex9670, but was he the same person or another prankster..  

lost in virtual reality

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Comments: 4
#3 Ollie 2014-05-15 14:35
Stephen King has a similar story. Only there, a deceased husband kept calling his wife. But overall, an interesting story.
Comments: 9
#2 Laura 2014-05-15 14:33
Wonderful story. I heard a lot of similar ones, but this one touched me. :sad:
Comments: 5
#1 Kaitlyn 2014-05-15 14:31
Nice scary story, I like it and it feels fresh.

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