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My uncle told me this story one day: Once upon a night he and my aunt were driving on the highway – no matter where and from they moved – when they saw an old woman standing at the roadside… Uncle had stopped as if he was ordered to do it and the strange woman got into the car without any invitation as if the car was hers. Than she told to the driver: “I need to get to the nearest village”. Well, my uncle thought that old women may do worse things and took off.

night road

The driver and passengers kept silence all the way. Suddenly the car stalled out for no reason. Uncle got out, opened the hood and began seeking for a breakdown, but it was so dark outside that he decided to turn back into the car to drop a torch… He got into the car but didn’t find the hitcher. He faced his wife and found her to be pale and frightened. He asked her where the woman was and what had happened. Aunt answered that this was her mom…

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Adrius Franklin
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#2 Adrius Franklin 2016-12-13 17:13
wow this is a good story to read :wiz: :g: :scr: :hr: :ttt :cry: :zzz :P
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#1 GhostofStars 2015-02-24 20:48
Wow, this is good! :i:

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