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Reflection in the wardrobe

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My mom is a true Catholic. She got into religion long time ago. After graduating from med school, she went to work in the morgue (I don’t remember exactly what her position was), in general, she was on close terms with the dead and didn’t believe in the other world.  


Shortly after that her grandmother died. Following traditions, the body was washed with water, put into coffin, and left in one of the empty rooms where all mirrored objects and mirrors were covered with cloth. During the memorial, parents of my mother sent her to sit in that room with her grandmother (I don’t know, it must be some tradition?). She was chosen because of all relatives she was the one who had dealt with the dead and seen them on everyday basis, so to speak. 

She came into the room, sat in a chair next to the body, set herself morally and mentally (as she says) to the fact that her grandmother could "move" (this often happens to the dead in the morgue, due to spasms of abdominal muscles) and other different " morgue stuff." 

About 40 minutes passed. My mother was contemplating the room and furniture, and a wardrobe drew her attention. The wardrobe surface was lacquered and polished, and reflected the room very well (they must have forgotten to curtain it). Suddenly my mother noticed someone like her grandmother in the reflection. She was standing at the head of the coffin and looking at the dead woman. 

It should be noted that my mother didn’t get confused or scared - as she says, at that moment it seemed to be a game of shadows, an effect which they studied in physics. She stood up, walked around the room for 5 minutes, sat down again, and looked at the wardrobe. Someone was still reflected there, looking at her grandmother’s body. My mother decided to get a better view - the figure looked exactly like her grandmother. Anyway, she was looking at the figure, when its head turned and stared at her. That’s when my mom felt shocked. She couldn’t move and get up from the chair. The reflection of the figure was looking at her for a few seconds, and then just as suddenly turned its head to the deceased woman. My mother was terrified, she ran out of the room screaming and scaring all the relatives. For 2 weeks she had been sleeping with the lights on. This incident had a great influence on her, and that’s when she started thinking about Faith. Besides, there was another incident that involved her husband (ie my dad ), but I'll tell about it. 

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