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Ghost bride

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A new tenant, Vince, moved into the apartment across the hall. He is 15 years older than me (in his mid 60s). A month ago, we got to talk, and he told me a horrible story of his life. In his youth he used to go to his grandparents in the village to help with the housework.  

He was a handsome man, girls admired him, but he couldn’t find the one. Once late at night when he was on his way home from the dancing party in neighboring village, he met a girl on the road. He liked her, they got to know each other and began dating. She came from a poor family (pre-war dress, a plain one), but her family was decent and of strict morals, she didn’t even allow him to accompany her to the porch, only to the road turn. She was always involved into some work, during the day there was no spare time to meet with her, she was always helping her parents with the housework. 

Summer was about to end when Vince realized that he was very much in love. He had to do something, or she would leave, and then would she wait for him until next summer? He decided to propose. She said ‘yes’, but told him that she couldn’t do it without her parents’ blessing. The next morning Vince talked to his friends and they went to woo the bride. Earlier she had described what her house looked like and where it was: on the edge of the village, three houses away from the sawmill. They came there, but there were only two houses away from the sawmill, and further there was a cemetery behind a fence.  

Bucharest cemetery

While friends were speculating on why Vince had got the directions wrong, he came to the fence and looked at the first grave – there was a monument with a portrait photo of his bride. That was everything he remembered. He didn’t remember how he’d got home, how he’d been in hospital for a month. The guys then told him that old women said that a family had lived in this place 20 years ago. The father had chosen a groom for his daughter himself, but she had refused to marry him. She had said she would wait for her beloved, he would find her. After that, she had been locked, and she’d set the house on fire. Everybody had died. And Vince didn’t find his love. 

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Farwa Sajjad
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#1 Farwa Sajjad 2015-06-03 09:31
Nice story but not scary just sad :sigh:

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