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Hi and welcome to your worst nightmare... If you tell me your fears then I will write about them to make them almost a reality. I always write when I have inspiration, so world inspire me! No one knows who I am. No one knows what I will write next. No one knows me. I am a mystery. So I will be waiting to turn your tiny fear into your worst nightmare.
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This is my future. I am part of the class of 2017. I went to a fortune teller to see if I would graduate. She told me that no one in my class will graduate, and it is all part of a curse. She told me the legend like the event happened in the past, so that is how I wrote the legend. now you have to pay close attention to my warning. Once you read my future, you will always remember it. It will be embedded in the back of your mind. Now that I have warned you about the future, lets move on to the story. 

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