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Don’t open your eyes
My sister Sarah and I were walking in the park, it was a beautiful day. Our small town was a great place, the crime rate was nearing zero. Everyone kn
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New message
Sally pushed the power button on the front of the computer, the fans roared, something beeped inside computer body. Today her friends and she have agr
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May I come in?
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The story happened to one of my online friends. I’ll tell you everything from his words. It was a couple of years ago in the town of Fordwich which is
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A strange boy
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One day a new boy appeared in our class. He was quite ordinary and boring. The only unusual thing about him was that his eyes were always hidden behin
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A Creature on the Stair Landing
It was 13.15 p.m. when shrilling quaver of doorbell destroyed the blissful silence of the night. That time I lived alone in a three-bedroom flat. Lift
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Bonehilda is a magic creature from the game The Sims 3 Supernatural. Lives in a small house, if you ting, she comes out. She’s a sort of housemaid. Sh
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This story happened in one fairly poor family. It consisted of a mother, father, their 16-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter. They had enough mon
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10 Banned Scary Films
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There are allowed and banned films. It’s not uncommon when certain films are banned in some countries, but acknowledged as masterpieces in others. Br
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Two girls, Julia and Sandra went to a party. At the party Julia got pretty drunk, but Sandra was relatively sober. As it often happens, the sober one
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I never believed in all this paranormal stuff. But in 2008 I had to change my outlook on life. I haven’t shared this with anyone until now. In 2008 I
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