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Behind the door
One 13-year-old girl lived alone with her father. Her mother died four months ago, and her father moved to a new house. The girl missed the old house,
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You woke up in the middle of the night from a thud that came from the hall. Eyes immediately focused on the door. What made this sound? Panting, feeli
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Putrefying Clown
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“A circus has come into town, a real circus! There are elephants and camels. There is fortuneteller Jaria and her enchantresses!” reading this announc
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Digital camera
One of my kinswomen died suddenly. I have never seen her. She had four years-old daughter called Yuki. Girl’s father couldn’t rear her alone and asked
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Old Mr. Jones
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This happened in our village one day. I returned home after a vacation. I unpacked, everything was fine. And the next day, late in the evening to our
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7 sinister urban legends
1. Device for self-beheading A man beheaded himself using pretty tricky device specifically developed for this purpose. Sounds like the veriest non
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Hide-and-Seek Alone

You’ll need:  

- A doll with legs. (A doll represents a spirit, which will settle in it. Not recommended to use the person’s doll as a spirit may stay in it). 

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The Freak show
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Ladies and Gentlemen!! The freak show begins! Let me introduce today’s stars to you! Be horrified! Applause! Be glad! Today the four most sinister and
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A Gift of Mother-in-Law
This mystic story I heard from mother of my friend Kate, when we were sitting at her kitchen and complaining to each other of mothers-in-law. Everyone
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Stories of people having been in hell
Most commonly after clinical death people recall something pleasant: some exterrestrial light, communication with benevolent creatures, feeling of hap
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