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Windows in the Bathroom
I live in an old three-room flat on the skirts of Chicago. About forty years it stays without repair, wallpapers are peeled off, plaster crumbles, and
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The Last Letter
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I spent several days of that summer out of city. When I returned home I noticed mail box stuffed with letters to the top. There were about thirty of t
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Cursed Skype
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Well… the whole thing started when I was talking with a friend of mine via Skype. All of a sudden, some Yarr999 wanted to be added. Message text was s
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Devil’s movie
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You have probably all seen the movie "Ring." So, before one real life incident I was sure that all of this is nonsense and a movie tape cannot kill a
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Funeral omens
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You should place in the hands of a deceased a candle - hot wax destroys the black energy. Thus, the soul of the deceased will have it easier to separa
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A year ago when we went to visit my grandmother, we took our cat. It has not been neutered and constantly went out. An hour before our departure, my g
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It happened a long time ago. My friend’s sister died a horrible death. It hit him very hard, even cried at night huddled in a corner. I felt very sorr
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Puzzling, mystical coincidences and incidents in our lives
In the United States, in the beginning of the 20th century, a hurricane came over the city of Galveston. Streams of water demolished almost the entire
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Are you sure you are where you should be?
This happened to me 3 years ago. I was standing at the bus stop wearing headphones, and then, suddenly the music stopped playing. Before I could reach
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This time around I will not disclose his name, let’s call him Alex.   Well, Alex is a longtime friend of my father. When I was little, I had a c
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