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About the website “Scary stories”

The website works as an open-source blog where every registered User can publish scary or mysterious story which may content scary, horrible, unknown subjects. Therewith the Administration reserves the right to moderate the texts, deny publishing or delete them.  

The stories comments are left without preliminary moderation – they are not seen or corrected, but moderators reserves the right to do it later. The switch off function of leaving comments is possible according to some definite story.  

The Administration does not provide warranties of any kind for accuracy and value of the published materials on the site. This may refer to either real events or fictional stories, suspicions, tattles, versions, rumours or just baizes. For the avoidance of misunderstanding, all names, headlines and descriptions, similar to real ones, must be considered as a random coincidence. The Administration point of view may not be congruent with an author’s one.  

Users, who publish material on the website, are given notices about the necessity to uphold literary property rights and accept all responsibility for non-compliance and for legality of their acts. The Administration does not belong under the downloading of these materials and play a role of an information broker only.  

All the rights for materials published on the site belong to its rightful owners. The “Scary stories” Administration does not accept responsibility for usage of materials available on the website. The materials are published for non-commercial, fact-finding purposes only. Any commercial usage of the website materials is forbidden without the authors’ permission letter (rightholder).  

For the attention of rightholders! The “Scary stories” Administration does not carry out any expertise of materials published by Users and assumes that all personal property and non-property rights belong to the User that published it until another regulation would be accepted. If the fact that literary property rights belong to another person would be revealed, these material will be unfilled from free access by the first demand of the rightholder. If your texts, photos, video were published on the site, if you are the rightholder of the story, article, tale, etc., but your authorship was not indicated or you object its publishing – please, contact the website’s owners. The materials will be corrected or deleted as soon as possible. The feedback blank – http://scary-story.com/contact.html 

For the attention of visitors! The website contains materials that may frighten, dismay, discompose, shock or put somebody out of humour. We caution impressionable people, children of minority age, pregnant women, etc – if you begin reading the website’s material you accept all responsibility for aftermath.  

One more caution: we strongly recommend not to replay (fully or partially) the events (actions, rituals, acts, etc.), described in the stories. It may have a bad influence on your physical and mental health.  

The website behavior regulation is simple: the language of communication is Russian; the registration of several accounts, commenting on moderators’ acts, obscenities, maledictions, personal attacks, unfounded accusations, advertisements are forbidden. In the event of non-compliance the Administration reserves the right to ban the User or to block his IP.

We wish that all ills of life, troubles and deaths would take places in stories only!  


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