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Victim’s Philosophy

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Do you know why we are afraid of the dark? Why we are scared to fall asleep with the light switched off? And for what reason we fairly often look back being alone at home?  

Why, when our imagination visualizes something in that dark corner of the room we’re seized by horror - horror that hinder our movements, and we can hardly turn back? We are ready to surrender, to throw themselves to laceration to some thing that hides at the corner. We don’t want to know - ready to die, but not to clap eyes on it. Let this beast kill us before we see and understand what is it. Before we descry its filthy mug.

What makes us lapse into the terror of that kind? What compels us flip wig and we, instead of carrying the ball, shrink away and wait when that creature gets to us? Why we don’t quake with fear imagining a maniac coming out from the corner? Indeed, each of us will defend himself to the utmost and struggle for his life, won’t we? Is it so? But why on earth we don’t struggle against the beast lurking in the dark? 

The answer is quite simple: we do not know. We do not know what is it or who is it. We try to find any though the most ridiculous, but “real” explanation of the happening to the bitter end. Footsteps in the middle of the night? Well, anything may seem half asleep. Low whisper at your back? It’s a draft rustling the curtains, indeed. A dark silhouette right in front of me? Erm, just a cranky shadow. What comes next? To what extent we’re ready to escape from reality before we understand what is going on? What should happen to make us defend themselves from the unknown?  

And yet we are afraid, because we do not know. We do not know and do not believe. Since childhood they repeat there are no beasts, nobody hides in our wardrobe, no monsters live under our beds. Whenever we catch sight of something, they are always ready to find any explanation so that to withhold truth. That truth that we’re not alone. Even when we’re alone in our flats, we are watched. We are hunted. We are intimidated and backed into corner as a hare which is coursed by a pack of dogs. 

But we ca fight, we can save themselves. We can give battle and stand up to a beast in the corner. Even if it turns to be that the corner is empty, even if whisper turns to be just a whisper, even if a silhouette in front of us is just a shadow, we have already won. We’ve won fear, which makes victims of us and forces to think and reason as a victim, look at the outside world through victim’s eyes, dead-beat and not ready to fight. Struggle for your life and don’t let fear’s sharp-clawed paw grab you. 

And another thing. Each time when someone tells you that there’s nobody in the dark, that nobody’s watching you, and there’s no monster under the bed… Think why does he need t? Maybe, he wants you to find another explanation to the happened, to cease to believe and never know? To make you huddle yourself up in a corner next time when you’ll heard subtle murmur from the corner, crying and sobbing, and wait till they get hold of you, instead of rushing there with a knife, having plenty of fight in one, grimly determined to struggle for your life. Thus, who does need it? Think about it. And have no fear. Struggle for your life. Till the end.  


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#4 sandeesandlz98 2016-03-05 18:32
count the shadows...or don't blink-idk
Screaming lady
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#3 Screaming lady 2015-08-10 09:04
That sucks :-*
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#2 RandomUser456 2015-05-03 16:00
I like this one. Not "creepy" persay, but very truthful. Nice :D
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#1 vikram 2014-10-08 06:52

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