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Very interesting and fascinating scary stories, creepypasta, with pictures of ghosts, zombies, vampires, and witches are published on this website. Sometimes mystical and strange encounters with inexplicable things - magic, sorcery, ghosts, mermaids, bogies and simply nightmares - take place in real life. People are frightened by mystical things they cannot explain. We call these creepypasta stories about encounters with the unknown - scary stories. These creepy stories sooner or later can happen to anyone of you in real life, and that is why they spark such a great interest in mysticism. Short scary stories from life, creepypasta, real scary stories for kids on our website The scariest stories that will grab and shock many of you. If you ever faced a horror story in your life, tell other people about it.

A crying child
This story happened in one of our city hospitals. At that time I graduated from medical school, and I was sent to work there. They were happy to hire
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Don’t go
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This is a true story based on information provided by a real person. However, my companion asked to keep his name and some details secret. He’s a medi
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Ghost bride
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A new tenant, Vince, moved into the apartment across the hall. He is 15 years older than me (in his mid 60s). A month ago, we got to talk, and he told
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Supernatural connection
Everyone has heard about the "supernatural connection" between twins, right? So my friend Natalie has a twin brother. When he was 18, he was called up
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Heir of the Widow
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There are three salient things that ought to be present in an executioner's body. - The first… is heritage. - Professional murderers, or as obs
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I’ll find you anyway!
As a child, I had a friend, a funny naughty girl. When we were 12, her parents and she moved to Chicago, and we didn’t see each other since. And many
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Hugging a boggard
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I live in an apartment with my parents. We have a cat, she is sassy and nasty, but when she needs something, she becomes the cutest thing ever. For ex
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Jeff's Final Kill (A Jeff The Killer One-Shot)
I held down the child crushing it’s neck on the edge of the sink, his cries were fading moderately quickly, but for my lucidity, so was my time left t
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Fear! I was just beginning to get used to sleeping with the lights off, and now I’ve read too much again... creepy. I lived with my parents in a 1-bed
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Mystery or accident?
This incident happened to me a week ago on Thursday. That morning I’d spent a long time at the bus stop waiting for my bus. Finally, after a 30-minute
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